Ana Popovic

Bjorn Belief!

The Spirit of Hendrix lives - and SHE'S playing nearby!

Yugoslavian rock and blues guitar slinger Ana Popovic plays an aggressive style that matches any of her male counterparts.
Ana is on her first UK tour, to promote her CD/DVD 'Ana! Live in Amsterdam'.
And what you'll hear is searing blues guitar, smooth jazzy licks, sizzling electric slide and tight blues grooves.
Ana Popovic grew up with the sound of American roots music in her native Belgrade where she formed her first band 'Hush' as a teenager with their record making number three in her home Country.
Today, two studio albums and a live CD/DVD later, she's established herself as Europe's biggest blues act winning France's most prestigious awards 'Jazz A Juan Revelations' at Juan Les Pins in 2003. Ana was also nominated for 'The Best Blues Album' at the Jammie Awards, New York, (2003) and is a three time nominee in France for 'Best Singer', 'Best Guitar Player' and 'Best New Album' at the French Blues Awards (2002).
In the USA she is the only continental European Artist ever to be nominated for a prestigious WC Handy Award. In 2006 she was proud to be the first European artist ever to be called upon to play on the legendary 'Blues Cruise' with their original band.
Most recently she was a nominee 'Blues Wax Magazine' Readers for 'Blues Artist of the Year'.
Fresh breeze to blues with her winning mixture of traditional blues, elements of R&B, jazz and soul, Ana Popovic is heading for the top rank of blues musicians in America too. She's got the necessary 'chops', charisma, enthusiasm and energy guaranteed to thrill any live music audience.