Bon Jovi Experience

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The Bon Jovi Experience are the world’s first and finest tribute to the great Bon Jovi and features Jon Bon Jovi clone front man Tony (Jon By Jovi).
Accompanying him are 3 other ex By Jovi members, namely Jon (Tico) drums, Rob (Hugh) bass, and Chris (Dave) keyboards, having left the now defunked By Jovi.
With Steve (Top Richie Sambora guitarist) in place, together they produce the looks and sounds of the real thing so closely that “you could almost be fooled into thinking that this band was the real thing” and “quite simply a mirror image of the man himself”.
Tony has been performing the music of Bon Jovi for over ten years now and the band were the first to be asked to perform on the US New Jersey Tribute Album “Garden State Of Mind”.