The Buddaheads

BB Chung KingTHE BUDDAHEADS "Mumbo Jumbo" Wilshire Park Records

Coming out of nowhere and crashing in at number one comes the magnificent Buddaheads. For a trio this band create a lovely melange of guitar led Rock blues, funk with even a dash of Rap.
But song writing guitarist/vocalist Alan Mirikitani a.k.a BB Chung King is closer to Hendrix and in contemporary parlance The Imperial Crowns than any other influence.

In fact "Mumbo Jumbo" will appeal to all lovers of guitar led rock Blues but as on the one cover on the album, Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey" the band show they have real soul, as BB delivers some killer phrasing and full toned guitar.

For the most part this album positively oozes classic funky rocking blues, all cleverly held together by a very contemporary production. BB has it all in terms of singing, songs and supreme guitar lines, and he is bolstered by a rtythm section of real presence. Johnny Griparic is an awesome bass player, recalling the days of Free's Andy Fraser, while drummer Lee Spath underpins everything superbly.

There are 14 tracks nearly all of which surpass expectations. From the low down funk blues feel of "All Night Long" and the mighty Classic Rock hook of "Hurricane" to the sweeping rock ballad "Hold On" and the soulful "Mood For Love", complete with JB style horns and a mesmerising mid number Rap, this band slips into a mighty groove. On top of that ol' BB's got the blues too, on a smoking version of "Amen". Guitar led blues doesn't get much better than this.

If nothing else the Buddaheads set the standard for where Rock blues ought to be. Think of Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Storyville, Double Trouble, etc, but then realise that unlike those examples, BB sings as good as he writes and plays with fire, passion and a great tone, and friends, this is one killer album!!!!

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Mumbo Jumbo:
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Tupelo Honey
All Night Long

The Buddaheads were number 1 in the August 2004 playlist and nos 4 & 5 in the September 2004 playlist

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