The Carvin Jones Band (USA)

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Carvin plays so hard it hurts – Buddy Guy
"The King Of Strings" - Buddy Miles

Voted into the Top 50 all time blues rock guitarists by Guitarist Magazine and championed by Eric Clapton as “The next up and coming blues rock player”, Texan born, but Arizona domiciled Carvin Jones is the man of the moment.
A stunning guitarist / showman and innovator, Carvin is as close as you’ll get to experiencing Hendrix in the flesh.
Voted Top guitarist for three years running in Arizona, the Phoenix Thunderbolt is one of the most exciting performers of his generation. Whether playing two guitars at once, standing upside down, or bunny hopping across the stage, you will never forget a Carvin Jones show!
Since opening for the likes of Johnny Winter and Carlos Santana on the west Coast, Carvin Jones finally broke big after a cable TV show franchised “The Carvin Jones Show” across several sates in the US. He quickly hit Europe and five years later the Rock/Blues world has never been the same.
The crowds flocked to see him, music celebs quickly followed ranging from members of Thin Lizzy to Iron Maiden, Ten Years After and Jimmy Vaughan.
The live show neatly captured by the recent “King of Spain” DVD is a fiery mix of Hendrix/Freddie King inspired rock blues, Texas shuffles and Carvin own scintillating guitar runs, described by Bob Bonsey in Blues matters as “The fastest cat in the west. You’ve just been Carvinated”!!
It is very rare for a contemporary blues artist to be truthfully described as unique, but this incredible guitar slinger is out on his own.