Chuck Farley Band

Steve Simpson gtr/fiddle/vox (Meal Ticket/Roger Chapman/Frankie Miller/Eric Bibb/Ronnie Lane)
Poli Palmer vibes/keys (Family/Roger Chapman/Blossom Toes)
Pete Stroud bass (Peter Green/ Roger Chapman/Buddy Whittington)
Sam Kelly drums ( Roger Chapman/Gary Moore & just about every blues band that ever existed!!)

Better known as Roger Chapman’s Shortlist, Chuck Farley emerged back in the musically bleak early 80's with handful of the most memorable residencies on London. Most notable among a string of incredible nights was the Red Lion in Brentford where every other Tuesday night, Chuck Farley held court and would be frequently be joined by some unlikely international star names ranging from Maggie Bell, and Little Feat’s Richie Hayward to the ‘wild man of rock’ himself, former Family warbler Roger Chapman.

Led by founder member, guitarist/vocalist and multi instrumentalist Steve Simpson, Chuck Farley doubled as Roger Chapman's band The Shortlist. They toured Europe extensively with Chappo and the core of the band recorded several albums including the award winning ‘Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun’ (Germany’s album of the Year) as well the ground breaking double live German album ‘He Was, She Was, You Was, We Was’ and the later ‘Mango Crazy’.
But back in the UK Chuck Farley continued to build their own core audience and a significant niche for themselves in the UK with their Country Rock and r&b feel, best summed up as Little Feat meets Ry Cooder.
Chuck Farley continued tour and record with Chapman and even changed their name to record two all star albums with Roger Chapman called The Riff Burglars. In between times they finally got round to recording the best of their shows in both Brentford and Croydon for their own long overdue album ‘Chuck Farley:Live’.

In the intervening years some of the core players have changed, moved on or are sadly no longer with us, but happily the band has recently reformed, and still features the impressive line-up above.
Expect classy Rock, Blues, Boogie, west coast swing, to country led hoedowns and above all some exhilarating playing from the best in the business.