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'Bliss Avenue'

With a career including her incredible role as Janis Joplin in the off Broadway production of 'Love Janis' and her starring role in the Beatles film 'Across The Universe', it was only a matter of time before the sensational Dana Fuchs nailed the kind of live recording that captures her explosive show for posterity!

'Songs From the Road' is a real live album by a kick ass band and incredible performer who gives everything she has and more in an unforgettable show.

She's guested with Etta James/Little Feat & Marian Faithful, filled BB King’s club with her own stellar show, received critical acclaim for her last studio album 'Bliss Avenue' and now hits the European trail in support of 'Song From the Road' on Ruf records.

She's the real deal who’s passionate about her music and rocks hard with a primal scream. She'll touch your soul with the blues, beguile you with her sensuality and then hit you hard like a hurricane.
There are no compromises with Dana Fuchs, you pay to see a show, and you will get an experience that lasts you a lifetime!

Ladies & Gentlemen, we give you DANA FUCHS, the voice that restored our collective belief in the core values of rock & roll.
Not so much a concert as an unforgettable experience!