The Dana Wylie Band

Although the members of the Dana Wylie Band hail from rural areas on opposite sides of the Atlantic, it was in a bustling Asian metropolis where it had it's first incarnation. The band's music fully embraces both rural and urban influences, stretching from blues and soul, through jazz and cabaret, to roots and folk. Their unique style, featuring Dana's powerful vocals and sparkling wit, accompanied by a variety of instruments, never fails to turn heads.

After several years of singing "other people's words" as a music theatre actress, Dana turned her focus to writing and performing original material, moving to Asia for a quiet respite from Canada's theatrical scene. In Taiwan, she was instead plunged into a lively music scene, playing solo at corporate functions, with David Chen's Muddy Basin Ramblers, leading her own bluegrass outfit The Wylie Brothers, and forming the Dana Wylie Duo with Englishman Jeremy Hellard.

Asked to comment on Dana's demo, Jeremy had replied, "I'd like it better if I had played on it", and the duo was born. A gifted drummer, guitarist, singer, and virtuosic harmonica player, Jeremy has a versatility and sensitivity that perfectly complements Dana's piano and songwriting style.

Dana and Jeremy moved to the U.K. in 2005, and had a promising start as a duo, playing venues such as London's legendary Jazz Café and The Horns in Watford, before finding the perfect bass player in Corin Wright, Jeremy's childhood friend and bandmate.

Not having played his electric bass in ten years, Corin was easily coerced into buying his first upright. He then proceeded to learn how to play it and all of Dana's songs in two weeks. This is not so surprising, considering Corin comes from a whole family of profoundly talented self-taught musicians.

Corin's sound has given even more warmth and depth to Dana's songs, and the newly formed band has been gigging like mad, and has been featured on various local BBC Radio stations. They plan to release their first album in summer 2006.