DAVE DAVIES "Bug" Angel Air

Dave DaviesFrom the opening brusque guitar line of the opening "Who's Fooling Who", Dave Davies quickly reminds you of his rock & roll credentials as one of the original sources of the heavy metal guitar lick.
Curious then that the opener is full of biting lyrics, a good hook and a vocal line not far removed from the late Ian Dury, but none the worse for that.

There's a punky undertow to much of what Dave does, but he does come up with surprises like the post Shadows guitar opening on "The Lie", the vocal of which sounds so much like brother Ray. The hook line of "Let Me Be" is pure Kinks, but being his own album Dave allows himself a few more guitar breaks.

But there's more to Dave than just catchy licks and forceful guitar breaks, as on the poignant lyrics of the musically curious "Displaced Person", and the idealism of "Rock You, Rock Me".

Ultimately you have to ask yourself would you be listening to this had Dave not been a Kink. And the answer is probably not, save for the fact that he wrote "Death Of A Clown" included here as a bonus track, and the sadly underrated "Lincoln County". Still, the punky metal title track "Bug" finds him in fiery form, and still going for it after all these years, with a tad more enthusiasm than his more famous songsmith brother.

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The Lie!
Let Me Be
Death Of A Clown (Live)

Dave Davies was number 10 in the August 2004 playlist

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