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Great music survives the test of time, and as this great live set proves, Dave Mason both wrote and interpreted some of the all time rock classics.

It's been well over two decades since Dave Mason enjoyed any profile at all in the UK. Aside from his low key tour with Fleetwood Mac's "Time" album, and a couple of albums in the late 80's, it seemed his star had all but dipped out of sight.

In fact since leaving Traffic for the last time, Dave established a solid solo career in the US, playing to packed out tours, and enjoying steady album sales - the last of which, 1983's prophetically titled "Old Crest On A New Wave" featured Michael Jackson no less.

But personal problems aside, Mason seems to have become a victim of being part of the 80's AOL scene. Where bigger compatriots like The Eagles, Mac and CSNY rode over the winds of change, Dave was left without a label, and then his co writer/guitarist Jim Krueger sadly died.
And then out of nothing comes this fine live album. Nearly all of it hails from his Traffic and immediate post Traffic days, but what wonderful material it is. Mason still fronts a great band, and his guitar playing still picks out those chiming melodies on songs like "We Just Disagree", "World In Changes", "Only You Know & I Know", and a reprise of his early 80's Hendrix version of "All Along The Watch Tower". Apart from that, he is a great lyricist - where few words say so much - with an ability to beautifully fit his lyrics to tightly structured melodies.

Traffic fans will enjoy Mason's rendering of Jim Capaldi's "4000 Headmen", and a blinding set is topped by a rousing "Feeling Allright" - at the conclusion of which Dave shouts out, "Rock an roll is an attitude, not an age thing". On the evidence of this he's still playing with fiery passion and his timeless material sounds just as potent now as it did over three decades ago.

Here are some audio clips from Live XM Radio Concert:
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We Just Disagree
World In Changes
Feelin' Alright

Dave Mason was number 2 in the September 2004 Playlist

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