The rebirth of Dirty DC II could be described as initially painful, but, has quickly come together to produce a healthy, bouncing bundle of energy. With 30 years combined service in Dirty DC, the four ex members of that band - Simon, Grant, Tony & Paul - the classic Dirty DC line up, with Colin as a top Cliff, are now back to kick your ass! Rest assured when you buy a ticket, what you will see is what you would get from AC/DC. A good, honest rock n roll band, who play their balls off.

The chemistry of Dirty DC II stems from five musicians who choose to do what they do because of their passion and respect for AC/DC, one of the finest and most influential bands in the world. Pushing the boundaries of a quality AC/DC tribute band with real credibility, they work hard to entertain their fans both visually and sonically and give great entertainment. One thing’s for sure. They’ve got the reputation and really have the knack of making your heartbeat thump and your starter jump!

Dirty DC II are:

Simon - lighting the sky with a guitar bite, Simon is a true replication of the present day Angus Young, both in sight & sound.

Grant - mirroring the Brian Johnson voice, moves and personality, belting out the vocals with gravel in his lungs and AC/DC in his veins.

Tony - now ripping it up on the rhythm guitar, where he is in his element.

Paul - powering the rhythm section behind the giant white Sonor drum kit, sits the engine room of the band.

Colin - those bulldog basslines emanate from a professional player who knows the importance of when & when not to play.