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One of the original and best Brit pub rocks bands, Ducks Deluxe tour up the script and brought rock & roll back to the people with tracks like Coast to Coast, Fireball, Don’t Mind Rockin Tonight and Daddy Please, Please, Please and It’s All Over Now.

Formed in February 1972, with ex Brinsley Schwarz roadie Martin Belmont on guitar, former Help Yourself collaborator Sean Tyla, also on guitar, and Help Yourself bassist Ken Whaley, drummer Tim Roper and former Flamin' Groovies roadie Nick Garvey.
Playing more energetic music than most others on the London pub-rock circuit, the Ducks recorded two tracks at Man's Christmas party, one of which, "Boogaloo Babe", was released on a double 10" album Christmas at the Patti, their first appearance on record.
In 1973 the band signed to RCA and released their first single, Coast To Coast, written by Sean Tyla and Nick Garvey. The debut album Ducks Deluxe was released in early 1974, and "captured something of the fire and excitement that the Ducks' live act’ This was followed by Taxi To The Terminal Zone. The band recorded its first Peel Session in April 1974 and former Nashville Teens bassist Micky Groome joined.
DD toured all over Europe became stars in France and promptly quit with a final show at the 100 Club in 1975.

Time for a reunion!….

They started out in 1972. Then they took a sabbatical for a while...
When they re-formed the band permanently in 2008, Martin Belmont and Sean Tyla wanted to return to the Ducks Deluxe’s original format as a two guitar rock and roll band.
Unfortunately, drummer Tim Roper had tragically passed away in 2006 and bassist Nick Garvey had declined to sign on again.
Into the breach came the awesome rhythm section of Jim Russell, formerly of the Wild Angels, The Inmates and Scotty Moore Trio and ex-Doll By Doll, Jackie Leven bass maestro, Kevin Foster.
During the 2012 celebration tour we will play in the UK, Sweden, Norway and Japan. We are joined by a very special guest, our good friend and one-time Duck, Brinsley Schwarz on guitar. We’ll be airing some old Ducks material that we haven’t played in
a while as well as a handful of Brinsley Schwarz favourites from back in the day.

So, dust yourself down and come and join the party!