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A double helping of FREE and JIMI HENDRIX as a special theatre tour transforms into a good old fashioned stand up rock show!

The Music of Free and Jimi Hendrix typifies the memorable Sixties, so come and join us for the experience.

From “Allright Now”, “Fire and Water”, “My Brother Jake”, “Wishing Well” and “Mr Big”to Foxy Lady, Purple Haze, and Little Wing, the Spirit of the Sixties tour offers a double helping of classic rock from Woodstock, to the Isle of Wight, - The show will obviously appeal to Free and Hendrix fans, but there is a whole generation of Music Lovers who did not get an opportunity to hear the original bands play this Great Music Live

The Spirit of the Sixties Tour has received great reviews and is the perfect way to round off a great weekend’s rocking

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