Gary Primich & The Wildcards

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Yeah, they say you have to suffer if you want to sing the blues. And yes, blues singer, harmonica master and songwriter Gary Primich wasn't raised in a shotgun shack in the Mississippi Delta or a tenement on the South Side of Chicago. Nor does he try to sound like he was. Yet his blues music still brims with the stamp of authenticity, albeit an authenticity to what constitutes blues music here in the 21st Century. And as CD Review once pointed out, If you're a newcomer to Primich's work and are expecting another boring white guy doing either blues Nazi rehashes of Little Walter's Juke or some Blues Traveler ooodles of noodles fest, forget it.

Rather, with Gary Primich what you get is one foot in the old school and the other in modern blues, says Jazz Times, along with songwriting [that] has some fresh melodic twists and modulations that take that tradition to some other places. And then there s his harp playing, filled with fat, rich and sassy tones, marked by tricky melodic twists, and as powerful as a locomotive barreling along at full steam.