Glory Days
play the music of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN

The only authentic Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tribute in the UK make their London debut

Featuring Tony Brooksby as Bruce Springsteen the band do not attempt to be a lookalike version of the real thing, but rather concentrate on passionately recreating the music they love, brilliantly.

Featuring a full E Street band line-up including two keyboards and saxophone, Glory days play up to three hours and cover the hits and highlights from the 1972-2001 era.
The band concentrate on the early tour classics such as Born To Run and Thunder Road to the latter day stadium rockers, as well as some of the new material.

The band formed five years ago inthe North West by a bunch of Springsteen devotees with the aim of recreating the music and having a really good time.
So good are the band that they have been adopted and endorsed by Badlands the official Bruce Springsteen magazine. As a consequence the band’s tour dates appear in the fan club mag, and their fan base now extends across the UK.

Glory Days have enjoyed their busiest year so far and recently boasted the biggest crowd at the Cavern in Liverpool since Paul McCartney’s appearance at the venue last year.

Glory Days appeal to both Springsteen fans and classic rock fans alike. Don’t miss their London debut!