Graham Foster

Long time live music fans in the capital will recognise Graham Foster as the magnificent guitarist who was a mainstay with Little Sister, one of the very best bands to emerge from the late 80's Club/Pub Rock scene.

And as this “Best of” album suggests, it's well over decade since Graham left these shores for Spain.

In fact this compilation is culled from three solo albums, the 1993 “Solid” album, Graham Foster's Night Train “Blue Rhythm”, recorded in '95, and the relatively speaking more recent “Bassman Tapes” (1999).

From the self explanatory opener “Going To Valencia”, Fosters suggests his guitar chops are still in good order, albeit in a Mavericks style context, while “Technology Vs; People” is as close a he gets to Paul McCartney in terms of vocal phrasing and use of vocal harmonies. Graham also rocks out on the previously unreleased “Solid Ground”, complete with some steely guitar work.

The earlier years tracks find Graham in tandem with British muso expats, drummer Geoff Briton  and bass man Steve Emery, while by the time of “Solid Ground”, and fellow rocker “Angeline” he is backed by a fine rhythm section of Tony Moncho (who later swaps to guitar for Brad Marriner to take over on bass duties) and Juan Alandete on drums Once on guitar Salvador Moncho joins in the guitar antics to great effect.

Ultimately Graham Foster was always a mix of fine song writing sensibilities and fiery guitar, no better exemplified than on “Night Train”, while his anthemic song writing is at its best on  the post Springsteen “Don't Give Up”.

In short, this compilation is everything a long time fan would have hoped for, and the set closes with a trademark guitar led blues “One More Shot of the Blues”, a fine finish to a cracking set of 17 examples of the “Best of” Graham Foster.

Here are some audio clips from
Graham Foster:
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Night Train
Restless Age
Solid Ground

Graham Foster was no 3 in the July 2004 playlist

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