Hank Wangford

and the Lost Cowboys

70th birthday celebration

TV and radio star, author and part time cowboy Hank Wangford and his all star band The Lost Cowboys, celebrate Hanks 70th as well as playing the best of the current CD ‘Whistling in the dark”.
The Lost Cowboys feature BJ Cole who in a previous incarnation was ‘Manley Footwear’ in the original Cowboys and is now one of the world’s leading pedal steel players. Also in the ranks is former Graham Parker, Ducks Deluxe & Nick Lowe guitarist Martin Belmont. Hank makes a welcome return to these parts after selling out the venue last year. President of the Nude Mountaineering Society, Hank has fronted a series of hot country bands, aiming for country non-believers. It's not all misery. Some of his songs are sad and some funny. He walks the thin line between laughter and the dark.
If Daniel O'Donnell is the brightly scrubbed face of British country music then Hank Wangford is its guilty conscience, its dark and troubled grubby soul. Hank has picked at the miserable underbelly of country music for twenty eight years, inspiring others like Billy Bragg, The Alabama Three and other alt. country musicians.
He has spread the word with his two ground breaking television series, Britain’s first on Country music, "Big Big Country" and "The A to Z of C&W" and his books "Lost Cowboys" & "Hank Wangford Vol 3 The Middle Years".