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Prepare for Sonic attack, the Hawklords are back

It’s the 21st century. After more than 25 years of social research, Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Swindells, Jerry Richards, Alan Davey, Ron Tree, Danny Thompson, Meurig Griffiths, Alan Davey, Adrian Shaw and of course, Nik Turner, have regrouped to bring Hawklords back to the people.

Following a very special gig in November 2009 for The Barney Bubbles Memorial with Inner City Unit, Quintessence and various other Hawkwind alumni, plus dancers and stage sets originally designed by the legendary Barney Bubbles. The Hawklords are back to do it all over again……

Born in 1978, out of the ashes of the Sonic Assassins, Hawklords was the brainchild of the late, great Robert Calvert. The band's debut release, on the Charisma label, was the album 25 Years On (later editions were released simply as "Hawklords"). It featured eight excellent tracks, all but one co-written by Calvert, and marked a significant departure from the spacey sounds of earlier Hawkwind material. 25 Years On peaked at number 48 in the charts. Two singles were also released: Psi Power and 25 Years.
Barney Bubbles was involved in the design, and the stage sets for the supporting tour. The overall idea was based on a company called Pan Transcendental Industries, which was a factory that manufactured car doors to replace angels' wings - a very avant-garde mixture of Fritz Lang and Mao Tse Tung visually.

In 1983 Barney left the planet.
In 1988 Robert Calvert headed for a place that only the gods themselves know where….but his music is immortal: ladies and gentlemen the spirt of Calvert lives and THE HAWKLORDS ride again!

Born To Go, Spirit of the Age, Danmnation Alley, Quark Strangeness & Charm, Master of the Universe, Brainstorm, Urban Guerrilla Hassan I Sahba, Robot Live, Silver Machine etc.