Ian Ellis Band

Ian Ellis - bass/vox (Atlantic Soul Machine/Savoy Brown/Clouds/Sensational Alex Harvey Band/ Chris De Burgh/ Pete Townsend/Mick Clarke Band/Steve Hackett/ Jack Green/ Paul Sansom’s Metallic Blue/Mick Clarke/Ric lee’s Breakers, further details below *)

Peers Margary drums (The Immaculate Fools/The Bone/Live Sex)

Gary Sandford - gtr/vox (Joe Jackson Band/Joan Armatrading/Aztec Camera)

John O'Leary - blues harp/vox (Savoy Brown/Mainsqueeze/John Dummer Blues Band)

Allan Allen (Forest Hill Allstars, and too may bands to mention!)

Tony Morley - gtr/vox/keys (Dogwatch/Forest Hill Allstars)
Glen Le Fleur


Pete Lamont - trombone (Atlantic Soul machine/Desmond Decker/Prince Buster)

Andy McDonald - baritone sax (Atlantic Soul Machine/JP & The Wise Guys)

Fergus McGonegall (Forest Hill Allstars)- trombone

Jack Lamont - percussion/congas (Atlantic Soul Machine/Real Feel))

& special guests

Paul Samson and Ian Ellis

Ian Ellis Biography


Very fine bassist, he comes from Scotland.

1-2-3 / CLOUDS 

This was a progressive band from Scotland, formed around 1966 under the name 1-2-3:

Around 1968, they changed their name to Clouds. They released 3 albums.

In 1996, it was reissued a twofer comprising Scrapbook and Watercolour days.


Around 1970, Ian Ellis joined Alex Harvey in a new project:

But the project was sadly short-lived, and they split without making any recordings.


A mythical band, led during all their career by Kim Simmonds. Many of his musicians have been covered in my site (and more will follow...). Ian Ellis joined in December 1975, replacing Andy Rae:

He is featured on the Skin'n'bone studio tracks (Andy Rae plays on the song Walkin' and talkin', which was recorded live on the Autumn 1975 US tour).

This lineup lasted only through July 1976, when Paul Raymond left the band to replace Danny Peyronel in UFO.

The trio worked through 1977 and in early 1978 recorded the Savage return album with an unknown keyboard player on some tracks who also did some UK dates with the band.

After a late summer '78 US tour headlining over AC/DC (!!), the band split in October 1978, when Kim Simmonds relocated in the States.


This was a band formed by Jim Roche and Ian Ellis at the end of the 70s:

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Mac Poole
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Jim Roche


This was a band formed by 4 great, veteran musicians from the British scene. When their original bassist, the superb Roger Sutton, left, Ian Ellis joined them:

Some time later, Geraint Watkins also left, and he was replaced by Diz Watson: Later they added a horn section, but I don't know the name of the members. Help, please.

The band was joined onstage with many other great musicians, such as the late Steve Waller (guitar) or Stevie Smith. Waller soon became a permanent member:

They recorded a double album, filled with many of his friends musicians. Apart from the current ones, the former members also appear: Geraint Watkins (keyboards, vocals), Roger Sutton (bass, vocals), plus Diana Wood (vocals), Malcolm Hine (slide guitar), Brendan Hoban (guitar), Len Davies (bass), Matt Irvine (bass), Lou Martin (keyboards), Jamie Rowan (keyboards), Frank Mead (sax), Nick Payne (sax), Nick Pentelow (sax), Pete Thomas (sax), Andy MacDonald (sax), Stevie Smith (harmonica), etc. The CD edition is called Southside United, Vol. 1. Click the link to visit Dick Lovejoy's website about Southside United.


Great band, featuring some of the best British instrumentists in the blues-rock scene. Their leader is Richard 'Hershey' Shirman. Ian Ellis has been a member of the band, but I can't find proper info about lineups and periods. Help, please!


Around 1990, Ian Ellis joined Steve Hackett, the magical guitarist from Genesis:

There's a live album, Time lapse, containing 7 tracks recorded in October 1990 with this lineup (there are other 7 tracks recorded in November 1981 with a different lineup, featuring Chas Cronk, Nick Magnus and Ian Mosley).

But that's not all. That concert from October 1990 was released complete as a live video (or DVD) called Steve Hackett live. 14 tracks, 63 minutes at full glory.


Ric was (still is) the fine drummer in mythical band Ten Years After. As the band remains inactive during long periods of time (as Alvin Lee also develops his own solo career), Ric keeps himself busy with his own band, Ric Lee's Breakers.

I don't have info about the first lineups, but Ian Ellis is usually always present. Help, please!

In February 1995, Paul Samson (from heavy metal band Samson) joins them:

They toured promoting the album Milan (recorded by Ric and Ian, with Tony Crooks on vocals and featuring special appearances by Chick Churchill and Leo Lyons, both from Ten Years After). Their tours usually saw great guests jamming with them, such as Chris Farlowe or Dick Heckstall-Smith.

Around August 1996, Paul Samson leaves the band, as the band split because Ten Years After started playing gigs again.


In Summer 1997, Ian teams again with Paul Samson. The result is a new band, Metallic Blue:

They toured England in November 1998. In March 1999, this was the lineup: But when a new tour was to start, Guzman is not available, so they quickly get a new drummer: Some shows were played with a different drummer, though: When the tour finished, Paul Samson revived his band Samson, so Metallic Blue ceased to exist.


Obviously formed by great blues-rock guitarist Mick Clarke (from Killing Floor and Salt). Ian Ellis joined him in time to record their album New mountain:

The album also includes apparitions from old member Lou Martin on keyboards.

They toured England in November 1998. In March 1999, this was the lineup:

*** I need to include lineups with Lou Martin ***

Their latest lineup for year 2001 is:

They keep themselves gigging all over Europe.


Apart from playing in Mick Clarke Band, Ian also finds time to play with the great Ray Minhinnett in this Cream tribute band. The lineup usually is:



And, if he wasn't busy enough, he also plays in Ray Minhinnet's other band, with other great veterans from the British scene:

Jack Green
Jack Green is a guitarist that has played in bands such as Sunshine, T. Rex (with Dino Dines), Pretty Things, Metropolis, etc. He also was a member of Rainbow for a very short time.

Humanesque features Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), Andy Dalby (guitar), Pete Tolson (guitar), Ian Ellis (bass), Brian Chatton (keyboards), Mel Collins (sax), Mac Poole (drums).

Reverse logic features Andy Dalby (guitar), Pete Tolson (guitar), Ian Ellis (bass), Brian Chatton (keyboards), Mel Collins (sax), Simon Fox (drums).

And in

2003 The Tyla Gang with Sean Tyla "Back In The Saddle" - Mystic Records