Ian Siegal

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It's been a few years since Ian Siegal relocated to London and started making a a name for himself on the live circuit. Always regarded by live fans as a real talent, Ian seemed in danger of being taken for granted, as he appeared stuck in a few residencies, and occasional jaunts with a passing US blues artist.

Since signing with Nugene records that all seems to have changed, and “Meat & Potatoes” is the work of a mature artist who aside from sounding like a younger Van Morrison, is also capable of exploring vocal whoops and hollers that recall a caustic mix of Tom Waits and Howlin Wolf.

It is with the opening “Sugar Rush” that Ian visits all three mentioned influences during the course of one outstanding slice of blues. Things toughen up on another Wolf influenced “Revelator (John The Apostle)”, complete with Biblical imagery, low down dirty slide guitar, and simply the most compelling low down dirty blues in recent times.

One of the album highlights "Butter-Side Up" is a neatly juxtaposed cool groove with some lovely percussive work by Nikalaj Bjerre. This effort could easily have come from any of Dr John’s early 1970 albums, and builds up a lovely head of steam, all neatly topped by Ian’s almost tortured vocals. If you describe this as cool swampy blues with a timeless feel to it, then you could extend that impression to most of this album. But Ian has a penchant for working a groove and hits the same feel magically on the word association piece “Work”, which comes complete with some telling harp fills from Giles King.

Ian finally extends himself on national steel guitar, working his way round a dirt sounding tone on "She Got The Devil In Her". He also uses a couple of clever little link pieces, one gospel, one full on Delta blues and in between there's more early Morrison influenced vocals on "Falling Down Again".

In short this is a contemporary blues album using traditional blues values. Not so much old wine in new bottles as new wine for a new palate. "Meat & Potatoes" is a truly outstanding album by a talented blues artist rapidly fulfilling his promise.

Over 100,00 Dutch jazz fans can't be wrong, as Ian Siegal turned the North Sea Jazz festival on its head with his own take on the blues. The Siegal way is superbly summarised on this outstanding album that sets the standard for all of his contemporaries.

It is rare for an artist on the live British blues circuit to come up with an album as good and well produced as this. Happily Ian’s live show is every bit as engaging as the album. Don’t miss one of the UK’s major young talents on both dobro and electric guitar.
There are blues singers, there are good blues singers, and then there is Ian Siegal, who I would put in a class of his own
”. - Mike Mager - Blues in Britain

Ian Siegal is without doubt THE most talented musician/songwriter to emerge on the British blues scene in recent years. Ian doesn't just perform the blues he is totally possessed by them. He doesn't just play the guitar, he talks to it... and it talks back! If Ian had been around in the 60's, then there is no doubt that today he would be a made man, talked of in the same breath as Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Page and Plant, Van Morrison et al”. - Ian Brown - Blues4ever