Joe Le Taxi

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JOE LE TAXI and the Zydeco Band

Hot Zydeco Dance Music from the Welsh frontier

"Zydeco is the black dance music of South West Louisiana which fuses old Creole tunes and rhythms with blues and soul and more recently funk and hip hop to create an infectious dance groove designed to move the feet. It's not just for one generation - it's for the whole damn nation!"

Now in it's third successive incarnation Joe le Taxi's Zydeco Band continues to combine this irresistible Zydeco groove with mantric melodies and crazy twisted love lyrics to create a stunning original sound which has packed the dance halls from Sidmouth to Shetland, plus the occasional foray into Holland, France and Belgium.

Hardcore Louisiana Zydeco, authentic Creole blues, sleazy shuffles and and old school waltzes, heavily influenced by the raw dance music of such Zydeco legends as John Delafose, Boozoo Chavis and Bebe Carriere.

Class of 2004:

Rees Wesson (alias Joe le Taxi): Accordion, vocal. Formerly with folk-reggae hotshots Edward the Second, Rees became Joe le Taxi after a mind expanding trip to the swamplands of Louisiana. His style on B flat and triple-note accordions has been loosely described as his own.

Chris Bartram (alias Uncle Bud): Rub-board, vocal. With a sonorous and soulful voice, a loud shirt and a shiny steel vest, Uncle Bud is one of the early pioneers of UK Zydeco.

Kev Torne (alias Captain Zee Zee Zydeco): Guitar, vocal. Wicked riffs and a wickeder sense of humour - file under "guitar hero".

Andy Watson (alias Blind Willie Watson, the Creole Kid): Drums. Formerly with No Ring Circus, the Kid adds a dash of jungle mayhem, Zydeco stylee.

Matt "The Hat" Donaldson: Bass, vocal. As seen with Mike Sanchez, Ricky Cool and countless other class acts, Matt is the rock on which we stand.