Juicy Lucy

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JUICY LUCY - Featuring Mr.Fish on Gibson, Les Paul and a vintage SG and vocals, Juicy Lucy originally took their name from a character in Leslie Thomas’ "Virgin Soldiers", Juicy Lucy were aiming to move away from the psychedelic sound of The Misunderstood to something more contemporary and commercial. Well, they certainly got that right with the first single from the self titled debut album. "Who Do You Love?", a cover of a Bo Diddley song, stamped its way up the singles charts in the UK and several European countries in the spring of 1970, finally reaching number 14.

Reformed in 2004 and buoyed by successes at the Skegness Rock & Blues and Cambridge Rock Festivals they toured the UK with Saxon and Wishbone Ash from Plymouth to Aberdeen and back again. Sadly Ray Owen no longer tours with them, but the incredible guitarist Mr. Fish has rejuvenated the band. Whether playing to long time fans from the ’70s or to student audiences the response was the same: ecstatic!

As one happy audience member was heard to say in Dundee "They're real live rock stars, but nobody knows it yet!"