The Ladyland Experience

The Ladyland Experience

GARY SANFORD's been heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix since, as a teenager, he discovered that  e chord on his first original Stratocaster guitar.
A guitarist/singer/producer with a diverse fan base, Gary's career's been dominated by extensive world tours,  recordings and media performances. Gary's played with some of music's best known names including Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespaere, Joan Armatrading, Roddy Frame & Aztec Camera, The Clash's Mick Jones, Kirsty MacColl,  Bryan Adams, Simply Red, Toto's Steve Lukather, Renato Zero and Joe Jackson who described Gary as 'the best guitarist I knew'.
Though having developed his own natural guitar style, the Hendrix influence has been undeniable.

So, it follows that one day his ambition of forming his own Hendrix-based band would be realised.


Together with New Yorker singer/songwriter  Renee who's Janis Joplin-influenced style has been described as capturing and mesmerising, they front an unique musical experience - Hendrix with a twist.

Sprinkled with other favourites from the same period, The Ladyland Experience is more than a tribute band.
Big and original in sound, image and material,  the talent of this 6 piece outfit shines.

Gary and Renee are backed by Tony Morley (bass, Manfred Mann,), Jim Russell (drums, Peter Greene, Scotty Moore), Glenn Le Fleur (percussion, Gerry Raferty, Kokamo, Gonzales), Gordon Reaney (keyboards & guitar, Atlantic Soul Machine, Anne Clark).

Presenting a jam-packed show for the 21st century, THE LADYLAND EXPERIENCE is one not to be missed.