Leslie West "Got Blooze " Provogue Records

Leslie West rolls back the years with some powerful Rock Blues and surprisingly god slide guitar. The heavy weight king of Cream inspired Rock Blues pulls off a heavy blues album in style.

This album should have been titled ‘Sledgehammer Blues”, or perhaps as Leslie puts is “blooze”. For the Meister of power riffs and America’s late 60’s answer to Cream continues to deliver some big toned notes and adds new stylistic departure with some mesmerising up front slide guitar

Leslie is all bluster and controlled power on guitar and tough vocals, along side the busy rhythm section of exiled British blues veteran drummer Aynsley Dunbar and Vanilla Fudge bass man Tom Bogert. There’s little continuity or originality in the choice of material but he does spring the occasional surprise such as Free’s “Walk In My Shadow”, and the closing solo interpretation of “Heartbreak Hotel”,

“Baby Please Don’t Go” is a raucous opener, underpinned by a thunderous rhythm track over which he adds impressive slide and big notes. Things get unimaginably heavier on “Third Degree”, but there’s a sense of dynamics on “I Can’t Quit You”, and on the curious acoustic opening and coda on “House of the Rising Sun”. It’s a nice touch, even if it does rob the song of its original climactic outro and fade.

There’s also real feel in West’s playing on “The Sky is Crying” and a similar sense of refined production, breathing space – gasp, even blues feel - on the echo reverb friendly “The Thrill is Gone”.

Les adds a snarly growl throughout, plays some of his best guitar lines to the max and this is arguably his best effort years.

Here are some audio clips from
Got Blooze :
(CD quality)
(AM radio)
Third Degree
I Can't Quit You
The Thrill Is Gone

Got Blooze was number 4 in the March 2005 playlist and number 10 in the April 2005 playlist


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