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40th anniversay show
featuring Phil Ryan

"One of Wales' most enduring groups, formed in 1968 and still going strong today." – BBC Wales

Man celebrate the first leg of their 40th anniversary with their first tour of 2008 that marks the welcome return of former keyboard player Phil Ryan.
Phil was part of the inspirational 'Be Good To Yourself' and 'Back into the Future' albums, and of course of the final appearance of the band on the 'All's Well That Ends Well' 1977 album.

The band have been busy recording a new album to follow the excellent ''Diamonds & Coal" CD, which was their first album for 5 years. With the sad news that the band's inspirational guitarist Micky Jones can no longer play, there was a big question mark of the future of Man. But the favourable critical response to "Diamond's & Coal" and a series of stunning live shows in 2007 showed the band had successfully crossed the generation gap!

Boosted by the surprising but welcome return of keyboard player Phil Ryan for the forseeable future, the current line-up also features long time member Martin Ace on bass/vox, guitarists George Jones (Micky’s son who does his father proud), Josh Ace (Martin Ace's son) and Bob Richards on drums.

‘Diamonds & Coal’ is a superb effort with contributions from all the band. The highlights include the riff driven title track written by Martin & Josh Ace, ‘All Alone’ -a sledgehammer blues from George Jones- Martin’s ‘Freedom Fries’, & the guitar driven ‘Man of Misery’.
Formed in 1968 when the Bystanders traded their pop hits for Man’s psychedelic rock, the new line-up also boasts a new DVD* and the recent successful German tour was Man’s best for years. Older fans will love the revamped ‘C’Mon’, the extended ‘Spunk Rock’ jam & ‘Many Are Called’ but this line-up has produced some of the best music & live shows in Man’s enduring career.

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