Mary McBride

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Coming close to the Bonnie Raitt School of rocking Mary McBride seems equally at home rockin out and she does honing out her Country roots on the album’s third track “Half Gone”.

Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, but ostensibly based in new York, Mary treads a careful musical path best described as Roots rock, with her Rock roots style comprising Country, Blues and even Pop.

On the opening aptly titled “Rev It Up” she kicks out the jams in the company of guitarist Aaron Maxwell. Maxwell turns co writer on the impressive tough rocker “Everything Seemed Alright”, and adds a brief slide solo to the proceedings.

Only on the more acoustic efforts such as “Going Down Fast” does her voice fall only slightly short of what it should be…not that this is necessarily a criticism…..better a passionate performer than a anodyne radio fodder. Mary adds a crackling emotive vocal to the late night ballad “Bog Old Oak table.

But I suspect it’s on the up tempo rockers such as “Boys” that both she and her potential cross over audience will be happiest, for rocking is what Mary does best as this album nicely demonstrates.

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Rev It Up

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