Mike Berry and the Outlaws
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Mike Berry & The Outlaws play "Rave On: the music of Buddy Holly" and his rock & roll contemporaries

Originally a member of the famed Joe Meek stable, Mike had a hit with "Peggy Sue Got Married" recorded under the name of Kenny Lord. As Mike Berry he enjoyed chart success with "Tribute To Buddy Holly", and set out on his musical career with The Outlaws, a band that included Chas Hodges (Chas & Dave) and Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple).

After pursuing a busy acting career, which included "Are You Being Served" and "Worzel Gummidge", Mike returned to the charts in 1980 with "Sunshine of Your Smile". But the Buddy Holly passion continued, and his standing as the leading interpreter of Buddy's music led him to perform annually with Sir Paul McCartney in a tribute to the Texas legend.

Mike has also performed with Buddies band The Crickets, who noted; "apart from Albert Lee, we wouldn't work with anyone else"

For his Boom Boom Club Early New Year show, Mike and his band the Outlaws, will be performing the music of Buddy and his buddies. Taking in all the classics of rock and roll, Mike will be tearing his way through Elvis Presley; Jerry Lee Lewis; Fats Domino; Rick Nelson; Eddie Cochran; Chuck berry; The Everly Brothers and of course Mike Berry!

As Mike himself says, "Buddy didn't live long enough to write a huge back catalogue for posterity. But our show includes most of his memorable songs including "Rave On"; Peggy Sue"; "Not Fade Away"; "Oh Boy"; "It's So easy"; "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"; "Everyday"; "Words of Love"; and "That'll Be the Day". Few artists since have been able to boast such a memorable batch of songs. The other rockers we include were all directly influenced by Holly, and we are proud to carry the musical lineage into the year 2003".