Motorcity Josh & The Big 3

Detroit, USA
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Motorcity Josh made their UK debut last year, and return with a triumphant one month tour. But the band have kept their promise to return to Pete Feenstra's venues.

Pete says: "We booked the band last year when they were virtually unknown over here. But a combination of a new album and high profile tour has seen the band land two major UK Blues festivals. But Josh phoned me from Atlanta to confirm the band would still be happy to play the Boom Boom Club, and so here they are". "Pete quickly adds; "Perhaps its best to let the band describe themselves. It is relevant because they are just about the most unique blues band Ive ever booked in the last twenty years."

"Motor City Josh & The Big 3 has a mission to bring the Funky Blues You Can't Refuse! to everyone: young, old, black, white, rich or poor all over the planet. If there is 50 people or 5000 you will get a great show with loads of entertainment. No one has more fun on stage than this group and it is very contagious to the crowd. We have made people miss their last bus home and more, in fear of missing something. When you come to a show you will laugh, dance, drink lots, talk loud and have a funky good time!"

Josh started as a full time Blues musician back in 1991 with The Curtis Sumter Project. Then went on to form Motor City Josh & The Big 3 in 1994.

Detroit Michigan natives Motor City Josh & The Big 3 are currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Performing around 300 shows a year which include most of The US States, England and Scotland and have built a substantial following everywhere they go

Josh is a straight up singin', guitar slingin', song writing, crowd pleasing Blues man...A student and veteran of the Blues...After 10 years of Blues service in Detroit and the Midwest, decided to relocate to Atlanta to spread his infectious love of The Blues in the Southeast... He performs 300 nights a year and feels & loves every moment of it! Josh has had the honor of sharing the stage and / or opening for many Blues greats like Buddy Guy, Chris Cain, Buddy Miles, Savoy Brown, Johnnie Bassett, Chick Willis. Just to name a few...

Josh is one of Detroit's premier singers, songwriters and performers. With his clever lyrics, funky rhythms and charismatic stage presence, he has become a popular act, and is sure to captivate music lovers everywhere...

The Detroit Music Awards:

1997 nominated for Best Blues Instrumentalist

1998 nominated and won Artist Deserving Wider Recognition

1999 nominated for Best Blues Song Writer

2002 nominated for Best Blues Album twice "Live In Atlanta" and "Acousticly Sound"

2001 Atlanta Blues Challenge 2nd place winners

2002 Atlanta Blues Challenge 3rd place winner