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21st Century Blues - from the sounds of the Delta to the grooves of Hip Hop

The word 'nu blues' was probably first used by Mojo writer Joe Cushley to describe a darker and much more hip side to the blues. This fresh attitude towards the blues has gone on to inspire a new generation of Blues artists.

A veteran of a 1000 blues gigs, eclectic guitarist Ramon Goose who has been described as the 'cream of the UK's emerging blues stars' decided to forge a hip nu sound using influences of Mississippi Delta blues as played by legends such as Robert Johnson and Bukka White, Chicago Blues (see Muddy Waters and the Wolf) and fuse it with Hip Hop loops and grooves. Sounds easy right?

Right, enter co-conspiritor and groove maestro Ed Vans whom along with Ramon pondered over this idea for many months. After a long dark period of soul searching and general darkness, 10 tracks were born which instantly caught every ones attention. One problem remained, its one thing emulating your heroes on guitar and sampling a Bluesmans howls, but have you ever heard a convincing young blues vocalist lately?

Ramon 'discovered' 24 year old blues vocalist Jay Nicholls and the scene was set. Jay Nichols is the embodiment of Delta blues vocal style and his voice arouses all around him. He comes from a long tradition of blues singers. His mentor has always been his blues singing father who has given Jay his knowledge and talent.

Gary Licious has been part of this chain gang from the beginning, the nublues live show would not be what it is without his loops and technical wizardry. Licious has studied and mastered The Shuffle rhythms from 'Chicago' Blue's finest and woven them into his large repertoire of Funk/Hip Hop beats

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Here are some clips from the album Dreams Of A Blues Man
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Blues Man On The Run
Dreams Of A Blues Man


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