Paul Byrd
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Paul Byrd is over here from Fort Worth, Texas and is backed by a band of Englishmen including Chris Lomas on Bass (ex-Parker's Alibi) and should have a new live CD out in time for the tour - below are some exclusive previews!

Like so many other great artists, Paul Byrd started singing as a young boy in Church. One such artist, Elvis Presley, inspired him to start playing guitar at the age of 14. His musical journey lasted six years until he happened to hear Stevie Ray Vaughan for the first time. From that moment on, Byrd immersed himself in the blues -- from Stevie's penetrating riffs to the earliest Mississippi field hollers.

Byrd played his first professional gig at age 21 in College Station, TX where he attended college. Dissatisfied, he left school at age 22 to run with the river that was raging through him.

His travels took him to Anchorage, Alaska where the eager young musician would hone his guitar playing skills into a razor sharp edge that would eventually put him on the same stage with the blues-greats he admired. It worked, too because Byrd, upon returning to Austin,TX, met
and/ or played with greats like Uncle John Turner, Alex Napier, Kim Wilson, and Clifford Antone.

After seven months, Byrd returned to Alaska to once again hone his skills further with his new band, Texas Lightnin'. Better than ever, he was landing gigs as an opener for greats like Jeff Healey and ZZ TOP. After learning a lot from many of the performers that he opened
for, Byrd returned to Texas.

He moved to Dallas and connected with Smokin' Joe Kubek's drummer, Cody Norman. They met, played together, and then returned to Alaska joining his long-time friend and Bass player, Rick Moses to take advantage of an opportunity to record their first self-released record together under their new name - Paul Byrd and The Escalators.

After again opening for ZZ Top and playing Festivals with The Fabulous Thunderbirds, R.L Burnside, and others, Byrd returned to Texas where he now bases his career out of Fort Worth.

Paul Byrd's style of blues, like many other great artists is not without it's subtle influences like Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, etc., but his gripping guitar work and skillfully crafted lyrics and original compositions are rapidly taking him where he deserves to be - on top.