Peer Gynt

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Norwegian blues guitar virtuoso Peer Gynt is one hell of a blues guitarist from Norway. Do not for a moment assume that he is yet another of the post Stevie Ray clones that have appeared in the sad absence of the real legend. Peer plays truly from his heart, and his passion is easily felt as soon as you become entranced with his sound.

Peer Gynt was born in the mountains of Norway in Namsos in 1971. The 30 year-old blues slinger has made a quick rise to fame playing Scandinavia's blue fests and club venues. He grew up in the small town of Skogn, Norway and has always been interested in music. He tells the tale of how his mother would put on the record player before he could even walk. When he was five years old, he got his first Elvis Presley record. Instead of the usual playtime things kids do, Peer was sitting in his room listening to Elvis.

As he got older, he began listening to hard rock bands like Kiss and Dio. But, when he turned 16, his older brother introduced him to "Live Alive" by Stevie Ray Vaughan, and he was transformed. Truly inspired by Vaughan, Gynt’s earlier recordings pay homage to the Texas guitarist with a beefed up sound and attitude.

As the years have passed, he has developed his own unique style. Norway has such a strong, old culture, and you can hear the Old Norwegian Folk tones in his playing and arrangements. And play he does. Few match the intensity of his amazing live performance! You can hear this intensity on his latest CD - produced by heavyweight producer Andy Johns (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin etc) it is fantastic.