Pink Fairies

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1971 – Never Never Land
1972 – What A Bunch Of Sweeties
1973 – Kings Of Oblivion
1987 – Kill ‘Em and Eat ‘Em

In 2011 Farren & Colquhoun returned to the UK from Los Angeles after nearly 20 years exile. They teamed up with the Pink Fairies (and Deviants) rhythm section of Hunter & Sanderson - along with 2nd guitarist Tim Rundall and percussionist Jaki Windmill for a number of appearances. This line up performed at the 'Spirit of 71' stage at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival - 40 years after the Pink Fairies' previous appearance at that event.

In 2014 the Pink Fairies reformed with a line-up of Russell Hunter, Duncan Sanderson, Andy Colquhoun, Jacki Windmill and second drummer George Butler. They excelled at the 100 Club, and tore things apart at the Hop Farm Festival.

When's the Fun Begin?
The Snake
Waiting For The Ice Cream To Melt
White Girls On Amphetamine
War Girl
Police Car
Skeleton Army
I'm Waiting For The Man
Tomorrow Never Knows
Do It
Uncle Harry's Last Freakout
Walk, Don't Run