Purple Haze

play Jimi Hendrix

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Asep's physical resemblance to Jimi Hendrix together with his ability to mimic his guitar playing and stage performance, have been setting audiences alight.
The band use vintage equipment where possible to get the authentic sound.

Asep has a Fender USA Hendrix Tribute Strat, a 1969 100watt Marshall Superlead amp and original Fuzz Face and Cry Baby effect pedals.

Oly is a fully trained Jazz drummer, while Asep converted Richard from guitar to bass - as Jimi did with Noel Redding back in 1964.

Just as Hendrix was left handed and played a right handed guitar strung upside down, Asep plays an upside down guitar - but remarkably he can play either way and swaps guitars for a few tunes during the show.

Purple Haze's act includes all the classic Jimi Hendrix songs plus a few obscurities.