Ray Owen's Juicy Lucy
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RAY OWEN’s JUICY LUCY 2010 is a blistering powerhouse rock-blues outfit topped by one of the most soulful vocalists the UK has ever produced. Ray is back fighting fit, the band is on fire and this should be one hell of a gig!!

This special show marks the return of founder member/vocalist Ray Owen (a Jimi Hendrix contemporary), who previously fronted the John Peel Championed cult band The Misunderstood.
Juicy Lucy was originally the home for the best British rock blues players in the late 60's and early 70's. Juicy Lucy enjoyed a top 20 hit with the late Bo Diddley's 'Who Do You Love' – a song they still perform to this day – alongside their other classic "Mississippi Woman".
They also enjoyed chart albums like 'Lie Back & Enjoy It' and 'Get A Whiff of This' but eventually called it a day in 1972. In the intervening years they were still played on American Classic rock and FM radio stations, and so the band's name lived on.