Rob Tognoni Band

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Dark Angel
Birra For Lirra
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"Only Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher and Stevie Ray Vaughan could shake hands with him if they were alive. Tognoni has something that only few guitarists have: character and his own style”.

The prodigious Aussie guitarist Rob Tognoni promotes 'Brave' the 18th album of his prodigious career.
Born in Tasmania, Australia, Rob quickly made his name with the multi award winning Outlaws before being discovered and championed by the brilliant Aussie slide guitarist DAVE HOLE.

A powerhouse blues rock guitarist with some AC/DC style killer licks, and a fine blues rock feel, Rob’s debut “Stone & Colours” CD quickly led to world wide fame and tours with the likes of STING. He also played at the World Cup for the Australian football team.

"Australian Rob Tognoni is one of the finest guitar players around today. His work is a combination of classic rock, blues & blues rock and is done with utmost passion and precision..." - Bandit Blues Radio USA