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The SAMTANA project recreates the highly acclaimed works of Carlos Santana, capturing the authentic Latin-diluted rock sound in their reminiscent set-list featuring songs from 'Abraxas', 'Santana III' and 'Supernatural'. The band comprises six of the finest and most experienced musicians in the South East.
The rhythm section includes Matteus Dean on drums and Simon Teague who provide the pulsating Latin conga and timbale rhythm, anchoring the smooth yet energetic bass playing of Danny Boothman.
Ken Carroll, the founder of SAMTANA, provides the fiery vintage sound in songs such as 'Hope You're Feeling Better' and 'Oye Como Va' with his magnificent Hammond B3. Ken is the only musician using a Hammond for this music and the difference is plain to hear. Ken has over 30 years of live performance experience with the Hammond and as he says, "Nothing else will do the job".
Dave Strudwick is the vocalist with SAMTANA. Dave has performed in various live projects for well over 20 years; ballads like 'Taboo' and 'Primavera' reflect the singer's lyrical interpretation qualities, whilst numbers such as 'She's Not There', 'Them Changes' and 'Hope You're Feeling Better' allow him to embellish his outstanding rock voice.
The lead guitarist and focal point of the band, Samtana's very own Carlos, is John Hole.

SAMTANA are THE Santana Tribute Band. In a two-hour show featuring the classic tunes of Santana from the Sixties to the present day, they will give every Santana fan an explosive Latin Rock experience to remember!!!