Space Ritual

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Taking their name from the legendary 1973 concept album, Space Ritual (8th in the Mojo all time list of Cosmic Rock Albums) the band returns to their HAWKWIND roots as it really was and is!

Space Ritual 2010 features founder members of Hawkwind, the multi instrumentalist /sax playing Space poet NIK TURNER (1970 – 2010), guitarist MICK SLATTERY (1969-70), drummer TERRY OLLIS (1969-1970), multi instrumentalist THOMAS CRIMBLE (1970-71) on guitar, bass, Hammond Organ & Roland XP80 synth keyboards, plus bass playing vocalist JERRY RICHARD (1995 – 2000), as well as CHRIS PURDON – audio generators, synths (and publisher of Robert Calvert plays), Terry’s son SAM OLLIS – decks, percussion and of course Ms ANGEL dancing and costume changes and of course a full light show and extensive merchandise of the band's living history. Honorary member DEL DETMAR now lives in Canada and is sometimes late for the show!

Formed in 1969, it is actually 40 years since Hawkwind's first major recordings in the Spring of 1970, when they cut 'Hurry On Sundown'. They were eventually to become the premier counter-culture festival band with the greatest light show in the land, the spirit of what was then known as "Hawkwind".
After some time, many adventures and experiences, these cosmic travelers became "The Masters of the Universe",

Nik Turner has once again put together a band of former Hawkwind members playing classic '70s Hawkwind music such as Masters of the Universe, Shouldn’t Do That’, D Rider, Brain Storm and on a good night, Silver Machine. The band has been known to draw in other former Hawkwind members Dik Mik, Del Dettmar, Ron Tree and Dave Anderson - so expect a few surprises.
Nik Turner is best known as one of the founding members of Hawkwind, an outfit who’s unique brand of space-rock music has spanned over three decades since its inception in London in mid-1969.
His participation over the classic years of Hawkwind, including the album “X In Search of Space”, the unlikely No.3 chart single ‘Silver Machine’ and the albums “Doremi Fasol Latido” (containing Nik’s most famous composition ‘Brainstorm’), “Space Ritual” (one of the first live double albums ever released), “Hall Of The Mountain Grill”, “Warrior On The Edge of Time”, and “Astounding Sounds Amazing Music” which lasted through to early 1977 when he departed the band. However, he rejoined in 1982 for a further two years for the recording and touring of the album “Warrior On The Edge of Time”.
However, he has appeared on stage frequently with Hawkwind since then and has produced many solo albums including those with his side bands Inner City Unit and Nik Turner’s Amazing Allstars.
More recently however, Nik has gathered some key ex-Hawkwind members for his own "Hawkwind Experience" which is now known as Nik Turner’s Space Ritual (or ‘’) performing classic Hawkwind in the spirit of the original band.