State Of Quo

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State of Quo play celebrate 4 decades of Quo existence by taking the music right back to the early days and settle into the "golden era" of the 70's, which represents many long time fans favourite era.

And when it comes to emulating their heroes, they don't get much more authentic than State of Quo. The twin guitar attack, heads down , no nonsense 12 bar boogie is the band's stock in trade and on a lucky night out, Quo fans can sometimes catch original Quo drummer John Coghlan belting out the old hits with these guys.

State of Quo's premise is simple; They take you back to the early days of Quo when the band laid down raw edged boogie and peppered their set with early career highlights (see below*)

No group has accumulated more UK hits or has a wider Top 20 chart span than Status Quo, and only The Beatles and Rolling Stones can better their tally of Top 20 albums.

State of Quo are fronted by Paul Carr on white Telecaster and Marshall stack as Rick Parfitt, and Mike Grady as Francis Rossi on guitar and vocals. Quo fans have given the band a massive thumbs up and will doubtless be out in force to catch a blistering set comprising many of the numbers below.

Juniors Wailing, Paperplane, Roll Over Lay Down,Backwater/Just take me, Softer Ride,Spinning Wheel Blues, April Spring Summer and Wednesday, Rain, Hold You Back, Somethings Goin on In My Head, Break The Rules, Lakky Lady, Going Down The Dust Pipe, 4500x, In My Chair, Mean Girl, Someones Learning, Down Down, Railroad, Don't Waste My Time, Roadhouse Blues, Caroline...