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Come and party with the ultimate 45 year STATUS QUO celebration that includes all the hits: Roll Over Lay Down, Caroline, Break The Rules, Paper Plane, Down Down, Marguerita Time, In My Chair, Rock & Roll, Ice In The Sun, Mean Girl, Again & Again, Down Down, Break The Rules, What You’re Proposing’ as well as the best Rockin All Over The World

Statin’ Quo was formed in 2006 in Purley. Being Status Quo fans and having played in some great bands in the area, the musicians decided it was time to establish a tribute to one of Purley’s most celebrated residents. Carl (Rick Parffit in the band), a long time next door neighbour and good friend of Quo founder member Francis Rossi, was so inspired that he sought the services of local musicians Dave (guitar), Mike (Bass) and Bill (Drums) to get the band off the ground.

Carl has jammed with Francis on numerous occasions over the past 25 years and has got the thumbs up from the great man himself to pursue this project.