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THE ESSENCE OF QUO sums up the aims and achievements of what has to be THE best and only professional Status Quo tribute band in the UK!

When formed midway through 2000, STATUS CLONE represented a bold new direction for those involved. All had enjoyed long and successful playing careers and the millennium brought them together in what they intended to be the definitive tribute to Status Quo. (A band that has become a national institution, boasting over 50 hit singles and still able to command a tremendous following.)

It's no easy feat to emulate the sight, sound and perhaps even more importantly, the spirit of the long-running original, but STATUS CLONE plays tribute to Status Quo by successfully capturing all these ingredients in a fast-moving, power-packed stage show. Quo's best-known numbers are delivered in typically hard-hitting manner, providing a crowd-pleasing performance guaranteed to excite even the most apathetic audience!

Unlike some Quo-copycats, STATUS CLONE doesn't adopt a restrictive 'purist' attitude to the choice of material, and like Quo themselves, includes many of the more recent hits as well as earlier 'classics'. The emphasis is always firmly on generating a good-time atmosphere via familiar favourites, rather than re-creating obscure album tracks that only the most ardent fan might appreciate.

Simply put, STATUS CLONE is loud, lively and a whole lot of fun. Just like the real thing in fact - which of course is what being the best Quo tribute band around is all about!