Stephen Dale Petit
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When he talks about the Blues, one can tell guitarist Stephen Dale Petit is a deadly serious, earnest man driven by a love indeed, a passion bordering on obsession, for this most vital genre of music from which most modern guitar music is directly descended.

Petits burning desire to see that Blues Guitar is given due credit and appreciation has led him to finance, record and release Guitararama, an album which tastefully manages both to pay homage to Blues Guitar greats and to strike a sufficiently appealing new millennium chord with a younger guitar-friendly public.

As Stephen puts it himself "The reason I'm on the planet is to play Blues Guitar. I'm on a mission to spread the word about The Blues and about the guitar especially to young music lovers."

Over the years, Petits fascination with a near century's worth of guitar luminaries - ranging from Clapton, Page and Beck to Patton, House and Johnson via King, King and King has led him across the States, into Europe, through addiction and alcoholism, down, busking, into the London Underground and up again to London recording studios, the Guitararama album and increasing critical acclaim.