String Driven Thing
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London 40th Anniversary of signing to Charisma Records

The classic early 70s String Driven Thing line up of Chris Adams guitar and vocals, Pauline Adams vocals and percussion, Colin Wilson bass, and Grahame Smith violin (Hamill/Van der Graaf) recorded on the Foxtrot Tour with Genesis.

String Driven Thing were signed to Charisma Records 40 years ago in 1972 already having issued one album.

In fact, their second Charisma album ( and third release in historic terms) 'The Machine That Cried' -originally released 1973- has since been acclaimed not, merely, String Driven Thing’s masterpiece, but one of the finest progressive rock albums of the entire era; its reissue a couple of years back on the British Ozit label was widely heralded as among the most intelligent re-releases of recent years.

They are back again with this new CD 40 years later on the anniversary of them signing to Charisma.