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TANTRUM are one of the most exciting young bands to have exploded onto the British blues scene in years. With an average age of just 20 it’s hard to believe they play with an energy and ability that creates an excitement and maturity that sets them apart from their contemporaries and moves them into an arena that only truly great bands have graced. Tantrum have fused their influences to create what many consider to be the sound that will finally take the blues into the mainstream.

Tantrum’s Debut EP, ‘Headcase’ (produced by Wayne Proctor) is a powerful example of where contemporary blues songwriting should be heading. Tantrum play blues that doesn’t rely on cliché or your standard issue version of what you think the blues, should be. Each track featured on the EP is graced with quality arrangements, melodies, production to rival any major label release and an incredible understanding by each band member of how to play as a real cohesive unit, a skill lost on many musician in this day and age.