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To reach Tempestt roots it is necessary to go back to the creative musical scenario of São Paulo in the 90's – that produced names as Angra and Shaaman. At that time, Brazil was not yet fully inserted in the shows' agenda of great international bands and the internet was just crawling. Thus, musical opportunities for heavy rock were few and confined to some akin clubs and a few titles launched by major recording houses. However, this was an extremely productive time and many talents came to light in the poorly illuminated stages of São Paulo. This is the case of Tempestt that started its trajectory playing covers of bands like Journey, Kansas, Europe, Queen, Bon Jovi and Dream Theater. What specially caught the audience attention was the form by which music was performed, and soon the cover band got a legion of admirers. After a short time, Tempestt played with Billy Sheehan and was chosen as the support band to the vocalist Jeff Scott Soto tour in Brazil. It did not take much time for the band components to notice that they could create their own compositions and this was precisely what they did. In their debut album, it is possible to notice the individual musician's talent and how much these years together as a band were important to their technique. After hearing some tracks it becomes clear that the band is ready and prepared to become part of the international hard/heavy scenario.