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Absolutely irresistible to even the most hardhearted, untoe-tapping, tone-deaf heathen, this is what live concerts should be like! Terrafolk are past Winners of BBC Radio 3 World Music Audience Award, have sold out many a show throughout the UK and amassed a cache of five star reviews along the way. They play Gypsy to Chamber Music, and a repertoire that includes Irish, Russian and jazz, and all mixed in with a dollop of crazy Balkan humour.

"Central and South European music played with an attitude to terrorise the complacent authentic folk brigade ... Brilliant!" Songlines - World Music Magazine

"The audience at the Eastgate - many of whom were only vaguely aware of the name of Terrafolk - were utterly transported.

This was an evening of spontaneous, inspired musical fusion which mesmerised the entire crowd. The band's sense of humour and sheer delight at playing create an atmosphere of infectious and unrestrained enthusiasm and I am only surprised they were allowed to leave the stage." Mary Shields, Director, Eastgate Arts Centre