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Imagine the most craziest, realistic Ozzy Frontman...and then turn it up a notch or ten! Izzy Ozzy (is he?) is the top UK Ozzy without doubt! Not only does this 'Ozzy' look, act and talk like the real Ozzy...but more Importantly Sings like the real Ozzy! From one fan the reaction was...."Its Ozzy's long lost twin!!"

Together with a Superb Guitarist who 'captures' the whole spectrum of Tony Iommi with such classics like: War Pigs, Killing Yourself to Live, Iron Man and Children of the Grave etc. ..and thats not all.... The guitar wizardry that Ozzy has had throughout his solo career in the guise of Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde with such songs as: Mr.Crowley, Bark at the Moon, I Don't Know and Perry Mason etc. are all handled with 'frightning ease!"

Last but definately not least comes the 'foundation' behind this most powerful tribute to the "Fathers of Heavy Metal". A Bassist who has obviously studied Geezer Butler's sound and style in the way of 'bends & slurs' note perfect and a Drummer who constantly 'feeds off' and 'feeds to' the rest of the Band throughout the 'Highs & Lows' of a full 2 hour set which consists of 'Thunder-Rain' and 'Sirens' etc. IZZY OZZY TONY IAM-ME LAMBERT BUTLER BILL BOARD are the SABBATH who constantly gig throughout the UK expanding their audience wherever they go!