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Promoting one of the very best rock albums of the past 12 months, the ironically titled “Back From The Dead”, the former UFO founder member and bass player teams up with legendary vocalist Fin for some cutting edge rock.

20 or so years after their previous incarnation, Pete Way's Waysted unexpectedly return with a tough rocking album, a bunch of tour dates and new determination that might even give Pete's main project UFO a good run for their money.

And while the title "Back From The Dead" may be a little over dramatic, this is easily the best album that Pete has been involved with for years.

The album is worth buying for the opening track alone, as the groove laden rocker "The Alternative" is crammed full of steely riffs, and a great hook. The following "Garden of Eden" combines double guitar lines with vocalist Fin's ability to added an almost southern drawl to proceedings which he repeats on the almost bluesy/Southern rock feel of "I'm Gonna Love Ya".

The rhythm section is a powerful, and unfussy throughout, allowing Robin George to impress with some addictive licks, well chosen power chords, and judicious fills. He lets rip on the "Dreams" and adds some lovely slide way back in the mix of an unlikely but successful Everly Brothers cover, "Price of Love".

For the rest it's a case of dependable hard rock, with the humorous anthem "Breakfast Show" a notable highlight. Perhaps this fine Waysted album and the impending return of UFO points to a return to favour of hard rock in general; if so this album is a fine statement of how good hard melodic rock can be.

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The Alternative

Breakfast Show




Waysted were number 5 in the December 2004 playlist.

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