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A generation on the Marriott's legacy is carried on by Paul Weller and Wellalive!!
'Wellalive embody the passion of Weller, the ferocity of any self respecting Mod and the attention to detail of the most obsessed fan!'
Wellalive are the Ultimate Tribute to MODern Paul Weller, covering his musical history from his days with the Jam to his current Solo career. Amongst all the original songs the band also plays a selection of tracks that have inspired Mr. Weller and some that have been inspired by him.
Expect career hits such as 'Going Underground', 'The Modern World', 'David Watts', 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight', 'Going Underground' to 'The Wildwood', 'The Changing Man', 'Peacock Suite', 'Out of the Sinking', 'The Weaver', 'Brushed', and surprises like 'I'm in With the In Crowd!'