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Led by guitarist and keyboard player Nick May, Whimwise also feature former Enid drummer Steve Hughes and they are joined by Alquimia (voice and keyboards), Ami Wilson (electric violin) and Sandra Lyndon (flute)

The band have produced a three track instrumental which features Pomp/Prog, smoulch and the whole kitchen sink thrown at us like the entire back catalogue of The Enid and a ton of Genesis/UK all at once.
Taking their point of departure from the instrumental virtuosity of The Enid, "The Spiders Understand" is the best of three fine tracks with those sinister don't-look-behind-you-the-clowns-are-coming Danny Elfman undertones. Fine filmoid dimensions for Enid fans everywhere - http://www.nickmay.co.uk/

Classic Rock features a track from Whimwise on its covermount CD . Another magazine Powerplay, has followed suit and their are plans for a third in the pipeline .

Whimwise has also been receiving radio play all around the world including countries abroad such as Holland, U.S.A , UK, Australia and even Brazil . London's radio station, Resonance FM has been particularly championing Whimwise, with plenty of airplay and plans for a live performance on air, meanwhile catch them opening for Focus at the Boom Boom Club.