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Philip Toteman
19 Oct 2016 10:01 Post #1674
Venue : Boom Boom

Erja Lyytinen Show
Well, my other half and I went to the Boom Boom Club last Friday and
were treated to a wonderful show by Erja and her band. The missus was
on her feet at the end and I haven't seen that for a long time.

We liked the venue too even though we approached with some trepidation through the unpromising surroundings. It was friendly and the staff
all made us feel welcome: thumbs up to them.

So thank you for organising that really enjoyable evening. A bonus was
that it was at a price we could actually afford!
Graham Neil
19 Sep 2016 9:07 Post #1672
Venue : Boom Boom Stan Webb

Hi Peter.

A big thank you for a cracking Friday with Stan Webb,

Your efforts and hard work always make it a real enjoyable night no matter who is on .

With Kind Regards

Graham Neil
Peter Hannah
21 Aug 2016 7:03 Post #1668
Venue : Boom Boom/Creedence Clearwater review

Hi Pete
Just wanted to thank you for getting them back last night, brilliant show and better than the first time.

Spoke to Dale and the drummer afterwards, they are keen to come back, as am I. I’ve waited years for nights like these, keep them coming!

John Golding
03 Jul 2016 14:01 Post #1665
Venue : Moreland & Arbuckle

Pete, just to say I have been to many great and wonderful gigs you have put on at the Boom Boom and the Beaverwood, but Tuesday nights Moorland and Arbuckle was probably the best to date, they were phenomenal, I also bought the new album and that too is great.

Keep up the fab work and thank you for bringing us this brilliant band, so much appreciated by myself, and my other half and daughter who also came and had a blast!


Darren Wisdom
13 Jun 2016 18:24 Post #1664
Venue : Boom Boom Club, Sutton

The rearranged 20th Anniversary Show for Never The Bride on Saturday 4th June was just FAB!! Reliably great gig from NTB as ever. Of course I would have loved it if the band could have played a well deserved encore but unfortunately Nikki's expansive (as-ever) between song chat, longish interval (not to mention the dreaded 11pm curfew) put paid to that. A shame but it did nothing to diminish the very special bond between the band and their fans. Great welcome and service from all concerned (yes including the bar staff). Well done! I shall return...
Graeme Roy
08 May 2016 11:28 Post #1662
Venue : Boom Boom/ Prog Fest

Hi Pete, Great concert last night (Prog Rock Fest)- I have never seen Karnataka before and they were brilliant, thanks for putting them on.
Thanks for all your hard work; and also to your poor sound man !!
Ken Jackson
23 Apr 2016 9:29 Post #1657
Venue : Boom Boom/ Albert Cummings

Albert Cummings really blew the roof off last night it was a privilege to see and hear him .
Another great evening scheduled next week with Alan Nimmo at the Boom Boom . Live music at its best!
Gary Mayle
23 Apr 2016 9:23 Post #1656
Venue : Boom Boom Albert Cummings

Pete, congratulations on setting up a VERY good evening of music last night. I look forward to a return visit from Albert!
Ken Jackson
16 Apr 2016 9:48 Post #1653
Venue : Boom Booom Club/ Rob Tognoni & Salvation Jayne

I went last night having heard good things about salvation Jayne ,but had never heard their music. I didn't expect what I got!
I was enthralled and excited and couldn't stop smiling throughout their set. When they took their encore I could have gone home happy,they alone were worth the price of admission.
When Rob Tognoni strode on stage brimming with humour and confidence and played the first chords I knew It was going to be special.I was euphoric last night and it wasn't the wine.
Lyn Hockham
28 Sep 2015 8:46 Post #1634
Venue : Boom Boom - Cregan

Hi Pete,
What an amazing night on Friday at the Boom Boom Club.
Cregan & co are fantastic. One of the best nights. Lets hope they continue to play there.
Clive Raynsford-Smith
22 Sep 2015 10:02 Post #1633
Venue : Boom Boom Club - Nimmo Brothers

Last nights gig – The Nimmo Brothers – just brilliant! I enjoyed the support as well.
Great evening – please keep it up.
Gary Castledine
21 Sep 2015 11:51 Post #1631
Venue : Boom Boom Club - Nimmo Brothers

That was the best gig I have ever seen at the Boom Boom... just awesome!...
Mark Challis
21 Sep 2015 10:38 Post #1628
Venue : Boom Boom Club-Nimmo Brothers

The Nimmo Brothers were out of this world last night. Best gig I have seen for some time.
All the best
Mark Challis
Ian Leatherbarrow
03 Jul 2015 21:38 Post #1617
Venue : Beaverwood

Just like to say what a great gig last night by Marcus Malone despite sound problems early doors. Seen some great bands down at the Beaverwood over last few years but that was really great.
Gig had a real good feel factor about it and I think that came across with the audience reaction. Cracking night out! The gig was recorded live but the reason was not mentioned. Was it radio? Future cd?
Terry Ball
12 Jun 2015 8:58 Post #1612
Venue : Beaverwood Club - Black Country Comunity

Hi Pete,

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed Black Country Community tonight. The singer had a great voice and the rest of the band were pretty great too.
The crowd was small, but the response was not. We knew who the losers were even if they did not.
Lets hope the band get a good turn-out at The Boom Boom. They could have made a few extra bob if they’d have had some merch for sale. I would have bought a tee shirt.
Mark Homer
03 Jun 2015 10:35 Post #1608
Venue : Boom Boom /Dana Fuchs

HI Pete,

Dana Fuchs was amazing! The woman should be playing at bigger venues if there was any justice in the world but since there clearly is not it is to our gain. Still can't stop thinking about it. A true star ..........
Steve Borkowski
16 May 2015 18:37 Post #1607
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Dana Fuchs

Most of the gigs I go to tend to be guitar driven, so last night made a nice change to go and see a vocalist. Dana Fuchs has been on my radar for a few years but somehow I kept missing her when she was over in the UK. Last night I made a point of going to see her at The Beaverwood Club and was not disappointed. A brilliant performer, amazing voice, great songs.
Bruce Ackroyd
16 May 2015 18:34 Post #1606
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Dana Fuchs

Not only am I priviledged to be part of the audience to witness such an epic performance, but I am so proud to say that I can name #Pete Feenstra and #Nigel Foster as friends of mine! Thank you Pete for bringing #Dana Fuchs here tonight
Jane Penston
16 May 2015 18:28 Post #1605

Thanks so much Pete,
The Dana Fuchs show was among the best gigs EVER, fabulous voice and awesome band, whatta Gal!
Sean Roddy
16 May 2015 18:27 Post #1604
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Dana Fuchs

Hi Pete,
Last night Dana Fuchs gig was one of the best gigs i have ever ever been to i say that without exception or exaggeration outstanding simply amazing.
Rob Bancorft
16 May 2015 18:25 Post #1603
Venue : Beaverwood & Boom Boom Club/Dana Fuchs

Thanks for putting on Dana Fuchs's last two night's gigs. They have been excellent. Great to meet you.
jeff Foster
16 May 2015 18:23 Post #1602
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Dana Fuchs

Hi Pete.

Dana Fuchs was probably one of the best live experiences ever!

Jaw dropping from the off.
The entire band were incredible.
I have been watching them on Youtube all week but nothing prepared me for that !

Bring on the Royal Brotherhood next !

Clive Osgood
23 Mar 2015 13:44 Post #1593
Venue : Boom Boom

Hi Pete
Fantastic Focus on Friday.
Steve Eggs Band also very good.
We really enjoyed the evening.
Many thanks.
Clive & Sue Very Happy
Matt Page
22 Mar 2015 20:37 Post #1592
Venue : Focus

Hi Pete.

I've seen Focus many times in the last few years (the first album I ever bought was Moving Waves when I was 10 in 1973), but the concert at the Boom Boom Club on Friday, I think ,was the best I have ever seen them play.

Hoping the Pink Fairies will play with two drummers. . . .

Best wishes,
19 Mar 2015 12:22 Post #1591
Venue : beaverwood

Crying or Very sad Pete - thanks for putting Andy Fraser on at the Club in 2013. A chance to see one of my youthful heroes one more time. Very sad news that he's gone now.
17 Mar 2015 1:04 Post #1590
Venue : Bulls Head/Robin Bibi

Hi Pete.
An absolutely brill night at Robin Bibi and Tony Marten's CD launch at Bulls Head.
Such a lovely atmosphere and Robin and Tony give everything as always. Came to the recording last year & have now bought the CD! Fantastic!
Johnny Warman
11 Mar 2015 0:50 Post #1588
Venue : Beaverwood Club

Johnny Warman's Magic Bus Band will be playing their Total Who Show on Thursday March 26th 2015 and hope to see as many Who Fans as possible at this fantastic venue.

Driving to Newquay in 1971, I was 20 years old, and it was my turn to drive the last part of the trip, when my mate took out a cassette and said “Have you heard this?” and as he inserted the cassette and the music started, it would change my life forever. It was Who’s Next, and the power and the glory of the music, just reinforced my musical ambitions.

I went on to write, record and perform my own material with some of the greatest names in popular music Ringo Starr, Peter Gabriel, Dave Gilmour, The E Street Band especially Nils Lofgren, Asia and many more but my love of The Who’s material has never left me.

The passion, the power, and the lyrics, were as if they had their finger on the pulse of my generation, no pun intended, and the majesty of Pete Townsend’s music, and the way they played it, burned into our psyche.

We do not imitate The Who, we wish to be known as one of the greatest exponents of the music of The Who, and it is the music that is the most important part. We have our own unique form of delivery, and it is the music that we pay tribute to. Maximum Entertainment, just as it say’s on their Iconic Poster.

We play the songs from their early years, all the hits, Tommy, Live at Leeds and Quadrophenia, and we hope that you will come along and celebrate with us and just have the greatest night reliving these amazing songs.
Hope to see your faces in our crowd !!! Arrow
Johnny Warman
04 Feb 2015 0:44 Post #1583

A huge Thank You to all the wonderful people who came out to see our Total Who Show featuring Matt Backer. What a fantastic night with such a great atmosphere and the Band were on Fire. Matt Backer shone like the Star he is and he does it effortlessly but with such panache. We can promise you more songs for The Beaverwood Amazing Journey Relay and Anyway Anywhere Anyhow so put it in your Diary Mods & Rockers March 21st at The Boom Boom and March 26th at The Beaverwood Total Who Show. Our Compere was also on top Forn Mr Feenstra and Bruce !!!
John Bristow
01 Feb 2015 14:15 Post #1581
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Clapton

Hi Pete
Really enjoyed the Cream of Clapton show on Thursday. Hope they come back again.
Clive Woodhead
21 Jan 2015 17:48 Post #1580
Venue : boom Boom/A Down & TR

Hi Pete

What a fantastic night, Troy Redfern..... Brilliant, Albany Down.....Brilliant, really good night, thank you.
Trevor French
18 Jan 2015 14:29 Post #1579
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Great double bill on Friday with Imagine the Beatles and the Steve Egges Band who are becoming very impressive. If they haven't sent Paul Jones their CD they certainly should.
They deserve to go far.
16 Jan 2015 9:35 Post #1578
Venue : Beaverwood

Larry Miller what a show

Great player funny guy

The crowd loved it

great start to 2015

Cheers Pete
Marion Gillis
12 Jan 2015 8:25 Post #1577
Venue : Boom Boom Club - Perfect Alibi

Hi Pete
Just had to say what a brilliant time we had at the Boom Boom last night. Perfect Alibi were so good, their musicianship and sound were terrific. They have got to be one of the best tribute bands around. You are really getting some great gigs and hope to be down again soon.

Thanks again
David Thoroughgood
11 Jan 2015 8:33 Post #1576
Venue : Boom Boom Club- Geronimo

Great night with Geronimo Pete !! 9/10.
Move Down by the River to the second set and shorten the break between sets and you've another 10/10 boom boom band!!
Look forward to seeing them again.
Keith Allen
10 Jan 2015 9:12 Post #1575
Venue : geronimo playing Neil Young

Happy New Year.

Just thought I’d let you know how much I enjoyed last nights gig. As you know, I’m not a fan of Tribute Bands and am not that familiar with Neil Young’s music , but I gave it a go none the less and am jolly glad I did.

Geronimo put on a great rocking show which was much appreciated by a good sized audience.

This is what I call a true tribute act, i.e. they pay tribute to the music by letting their love for it shine through and in turn share their personality with their audience rather than impersonating someone else doing so.
Johnny Warman
16 Dec 2014 21:39 Post #1563
Venue : The Boom Boom Club

To all the people that have supported my Magic Bus Band over the last year I would love to thank you all for your support as it means so much to us and we really appreciate it. Those that know and love 4Bill$ and a Ben I hope to see you all on Saturday 20th December and lastly a huge thank you to Pete and Bruce for guidance and belief and for sticking with us !!!

This is one Stax Motown Soul Show you this December that you should not miss !!!

Do not miss the Greatest 60's Soul Party Band on the Planet

Where are The Mods & Rocker's that Love 60's 70's Soul? Motown? Stax?

Featuring George Michael's Saxophonist Andy Hamilton and The Magic Bus Soul Band / 4Bill$ and a Ben.

Soul sister? Funk brother? Do the twist, fly, swim, bird, duck, monkey, watusi, mashed potato, boogaloo and bony maroney at the Four Bills and a Ben Christmas Soul Party, Boom Boom Club, Saturday 20th December.

"The Best Live Soul Band on The Planet" TimeOut

And guess who else is going to be there ??? a few very special guests....

Otis Redding Wilson Picket Sam and Dave KC and The Sunshine Band
Ray Charles Etta James Cherry Red Tina Turner Jnr Walker The Godfather of Soul Mr James Brown The Blues Brothers Eddie Floyd Arthur Conley Tommy James and The Shondells Toots and the Maytals so do not miss this Gig

Remember to record Strictly Come Dancing Final and come and dance the
Night away with us for 2 hours then go home and watch the final !!!
You know it makes sense
20th December at 20:00
Boom Boom Club @ Sutton Football Club in Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Frank Brown
07 Dec 2014 9:20 Post #1560
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,

The Alter eagles were just great - a fantastic night.

Kind regards
David Francis
07 Dec 2014 9:18 Post #1559
Venue : Boom Boom

The Alter Eagles were great last night at the Boom Boom Club
Mike Bradley on lead guitar was awesome.
Nigel Foster
01 Dec 2014 18:35 Post #1556
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Walter Trout

The Boom Boom Club 1000th Gig and an Evening for Walter Trout
My official second residence is the Boom Boom Club, the scene of so very many memorable gigs over so many years and tonight’s experience falls straight in to that exalted category.
There really was only one place I could be tonight and it was for two very special reasons; first and foremost incredibly tonight was the 1000th gig that Pete Feenstra has promoted at the Boom Boom Club and secondly a further evening organised by Pete to show our love and continued support for Walter Trout as he continues his long journey back to the Bluest of health.
Phil TheQuil
01 Dec 2014 18:32 Post #1555
Venue : Boom Boom 1000th show

James Coker, Charles Martin, and myself had a fantastic time at Pete Feenstra's Boom Boom Club @ Sutton Football Club's 1,000th gig last night - Otis Grand, Alan Darby, Laurence Jones, Sonja Kristina, and The Voodoo Sheiks on the Bill, all in support of Walter Trout. A review should appear on my blog in due course.
Phil the Music Quill
Del Fleming
01 Dec 2014 9:12 Post #1554
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Stevie Nimmo

Just wanted to say thanks for a good show at Chislehurst on Thursday. I saw the Nimmo Brothers there at the Beaverwood a couple of years ago, and I saw King King down at Southend, Cliffs Pavillion, earlier this month. So seeing Stevie Nimmo completed the set Smile The Wynds Of Life album is not bad but I have to say that seeing the band live was much better, much more raw.

But before the main event was Troy Redfern, and what a great surprise that was. I had not heard of his band before, but was impressed enough to pick up the album at the interval. And I'm glad I did. I am just listening to Warcry as I write this and what a damn good track it is. It doesn't look like he gets down this way very often, but I will try to catch him at the Boom Boom club in January.

Thanks for another great night of live music.
All the best,
Steve Felstead
15 Nov 2014 19:53 Post #1549
Venue : boom Boom/Mike Zito & Sam Fish

Hi Pete..
Just a quick note to heap praise on you for the two amazing gigs(so far), Ive been to at your club..last nights with Sam Fish and Mike Zito was one of the best Ive ever been to!!
Well done, mate!
15 Nov 2014 11:19 Post #1548
Venue : Mike Zito/Samantha Fish

What an amazing gig !! - I've been to a lot, and that rates right at the top - my wife and I were absolutely buzzing afterwards.
The whole band were just brilliant, and the atmosphere was inspiring !!

Thank you and well done to everyone involved. It's night like that that will keep live blues alive.
Alan Sutton
15 Nov 2014 10:44 Post #1547
Venue : Mike Zito & The Wheel etc


Just wanted to say, bloody fantastic show….what an evening !

Congratulations and well done, you really do put it all together.

All the best

Clive Raynsford Smith
15 Nov 2014 10:43 Post #1546
Venue : Zito/Fish/Boom boom

Just wanted you to know what a brilliant evening that was. I still don’t know how you get acts of this calibre and charge us what you do.

Please keep doing it.


Wendy Pattenden
12 Nov 2014 20:55 Post #1545
Venue : Beaverwood

Mike Zito, Samantha Fish and all the musicians, especially sax player,brilliant. Bring them back soon.
Johnny Warman
07 Nov 2014 1:59 Post #1540
Venue : The Beaverwood Club

Thank you to all the fantastic audience at The Beaverwood Club for making the night so special. When you make as much noise and sing as well as you did it just makes the whole event that much more memorable. You all helped create an amazing atmosphere for the whole 2 Hour Show and your chants of Boris Boris Boris will live long in the memory and I think you may all have started something with that. Hats off to you all and we loved playing for you. Johnny x
Johnny Warman
01 Nov 2014 17:19 Post #1536
Venue : The Beaverwood Club

6/11/14 TOTAL WHO CELEBRATE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE WHO Beaverwood Club - Real Music in Chislehurst BR7 6HF

Driving to Newquay in 1970, I was 19 years old, and it was my turn to drive the last part of the trip, when my mate took out a cassette and said “Have you heard this?” and as he inserted the cassette and the music started, it would change my life for ever. It was Who’s Next, and the power and the glory of the music, just reinforced my musical ambitions.

I went on to write, record and perform my own material with some of the greatest names in popular music Ringo Starr, Peter Gabriel, Dave Gilmour, The E Street Band especially Nils Lofgren, Asia and many more but my love of The Who’s material has never left me.

The passion, the power, and the lyrics, were as if they had their finger on the pulse of my generation, no pun intended, and the majesty of Pete Townsend’s music, and the way they played it, burned into our psyche.

We do not imitate The Who, we wish to be known as one of the greatest exponents of the music of The Who, and it is the music that is the most important part. We have our own unique form of delivery, and it is the music that we pay tribute to. Maximum Entertainment, just as it say’s on their Iconic Poster.

We play the songs from their early years, all the hits, Tommy, Live at Leeds and Quadrophenia, and we hope that you will come along and celebrate with us and just have the greatest night reliving these amazing songs.
Hope to see your faces in our crowd. Why not come along and be a part of the "In Crowd" once again !!!

MAGIC BUS is Johnny Warman vox (Ringo Starr/Humble Pie/Peter Gabriel/Asia), Richard Willoughby drum (praised by The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Rami Jaffe),Andy Neve keys (The Move/Steve Hackett/Alison Moyet), Marcus Flynn (top TV & film soundtrack show guitarist) and session bassist Steve Tilling.

Johnny Warman's Magic Bus — at The Beaverwood Club

This is a very dangerous band and we really love what we do !!! Come along and have the best 2 hours of The Who that you will ever witness in the UK. We do not dress like them. We do not pretend to be them. We do not smash up equipment. However we do sing and play these songs better than you could ever imagine. Come along and help us tear the place apart in the nicest possible way !!! Huge Thanks to the Maestro Pete Feenstra
Cool Cool Cool
Johnny Warman
14 Oct 2014 23:21 Post #1535
Venue : Boom Boom Club

What a fantastic night with the best audience who really gave it all from the very beginning right up to the very end and boy did we have fun. The Band played brilliantly and the crowd responce was exceptional and how you sang. Please come and see us at The Beaverwood on November 6th and lets see if we can make it even better and as
it is the day after Bonfire Night expect even bigger Fireworks !! Huge thanks to Pete and Bruce and of course you the incredible audience
Jenny Raybould
11 Oct 2014 15:51 Post #1534
Venue : Boom Boom Club - AC/DC UK + Dizzy Lizzy

What a fab night that was! Well done to both bands, you got the Boom Boom club rocking!
Gary Castledine
11 Oct 2014 15:49 Post #1533
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Dizzy Lizzy & AC/DC UK

I`ll second of the best rock nights i've seen down there...absolutly awesome!!!
Stephen Nicholas
11 Oct 2014 15:47 Post #1532
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Dizzy Lizzy & AC/DC UK

What a Friday night!!.... AC/DC UK and Dizzy Lizzy on the same bill..... Both bands were totally awesome and to top it all off they all came back out and played highway to hell as an encore.
More of that again please Pete!!!
clare cooper
07 Oct 2014 8:59 Post #1531
Venue : Sutton

Hello, Pete. Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Hats Off To Led Zep on Saturday. We missed them the first time around, and we like the other Led Zep tributes we have seen at Sutton before, but this lot really impressed us. Professional, talented, entertaining and – in the case of the lead singer in particular – very easy on the eye!! We liked the way they just got on with the job, no chit-chat between songs and not too much ego on show, though there was plenty of chest on display – but I can cope with that, lol! Hope we see them back there again very soon! Thanks for a great, fun evening. Clare X
Hazel Stratton
28 Sep 2014 20:49 Post #1530
Venue : Aynsley Lister @ Boom Boom Club

Hi Peter,

What a fantastic evening we had. Thank you ever so much they were brilliant and we had such a good time.

Take care Haze x
gary Edmead
09 Sep 2014 8:22 Post #1529
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Nimmo Brothers

Great gig last night with the Nimmo brothers looking forward to seeing Stevie Nimmo at the Beaverwood later this year .
Ken Smith
09 Sep 2014 8:20 Post #1528
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Nimmo Brothers


The Nimmo Brothers show was absolutely outstanding, they are now my favourite non tribute band, bloody brilliant
Les Richards
06 Sep 2014 11:22 Post #1527
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Absolute Bowie

Our first visit to the Boom Boom and we thoroughly enjoyed what was a great night of rock music and performance art. Made an old wrinklie feel young again. We will be back for more!

Ann Talbott
29 Aug 2014 18:44 Post #1526
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Tyla Gang


Just got home from the Tyla Gang show at The Beaverwood. They were brilliant

Nigel Foster
02 Aug 2014 9:39 Post #1524
Venue : Boom Boom Club - Ryan McGarvey Review

And so the list of memorable nights goes on at The Boom Boom Club. For once I am speechless, the gig tonight was truly sensational, two power trios that are the very definition of the term.
The Mark Pontin Group set a high bar with a scorching opening set that was energetic and skilfully delivered, and big praise to young David Davies on drums in only his second gig with the band. Take a bow David. Mark Pontin Group just grow and grow in stature and tonight Mark displayed his usual prowess on the guitar with some brilliant shredding and Jack hammer riffing. Chasing Blood an absolute stand-out, grooves and grinding licks a plenty.
Then the headliner, the phenomenal and jaw dropping Ryan McGarvey, this fella is now major league amongst his peers and tonight he showed just why displaying every weapon in a guitarists arsenal to stun and strafe a hugely appreciative audience.
Ryan needs to be seen and heard to be believed, the power, precision, tone and feel he wrenches from his guitars are quite extraordinary.
Rock driven blues or blues driven rock, take your choice but however it is defined it is unique in style and delivery from the massive riffs of Joyride through the gigantic grooves of Prove Myself and the full on rock of Never Seem to Learn. And throw in slow burning blues on Cryin' Over You and the dirty low down blues of newie Memphis and you have just some of the ingredients that made up this killer show.
I cannot do the young man justice with my mere words and they really do fail me when I seek to describe the truly earth shattering aural soundscape that is Mystic Dream. So dense, intense and multi- faceted it is almost orchestral. McGarvey riffed, hooked and soloed his way through nigh on 20 minutes, features, hands and body contorted to extort a torrent of notes from his beautiful Les Paul. Just when you thought you had heard it all Ryan hit the overdrive and effects pedals and produced simply unbelievable sounds, wrenching his hands through the frets, completely detuning the top string that resulted in a wall of sound that was reminiscent of a strafing fighter jet
Ryan McGarvey has a God given talent, skill and feel like this are born not taught but such is the guy's humility it is in safe and priceless hands.
An awesome and outstanding gig from two outstanding bands who just happen to be lovely guys as well.
I am exhilarated and sleep is impossible , I know not how these guys come down from a natural high like this
Final word to Pete Feenstra for the miracles he continues to weave.

Nigel Foster
Angela Evans
02 Aug 2014 8:30 Post #1523
Venue : Boom Boom Club - Ryan Mcgarvey

Hi Pete

Brilliant night last night....both bands - Ryan McGarvey and Mark Pontin were superb!

01 Aug 2014 21:50 Post #1522
Venue : Chiselhurst

Pete...Yet again another great show you put on by Ryan Mcgarvey...You were not wrong!!...Pity you missed it!!
Jacky Cross
13 Jul 2014 17:41 Post #1521
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Great night with the Alter Eagles. Air conditioning great. Sound brilliant - not too loud and distorted, as has been the case previously. So Thanks again. JX
Jacki Bickell
30 Jun 2014 16:29 Post #1520
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Marcus Malone

Hi Pete

Just wanted to say how so very very much we enjoyed Marcus Malone on ~Saturday. Have been playing the two CDs we bought all the time.

Must get him back soon.
Andrew Komosa
23 Jun 2014 7:37 Post #1518
Venue : The Doors Alive / Boom Boom Club

Dear Pete

Debbie and I would like to thank you and the Doors Alive for such a great show on Friday night.

I swear, he was the real Jim Morrison and the band were the real Doors.

Also a huge thanks for saving a couple of seats for us.

See you soon.
richard Moore
21 Jun 2014 9:54 Post #1517
Venue : boom boom

Razz the doors alive brought back many happy memories. In more ways than one! Spending Saturday morning going through my old collection. Happy days.

Would definitely see them again
Richard Franklin
16 Jun 2014 8:36 Post #1516
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton & Albany Down

Just a quick note to say thanks for putting on Albany Down and the mighty Billy Walton Band at the Boom Boom – have to say I have seen Billy many times here, New Jersey and in Germany – I thought that it was one of the most amazing performances by them that I have seen – JD on drums was incredible and Sean and Ian on the horns are inspired.
Trevor French
15 Jun 2014 18:37 Post #1515
Venue : Billy walton band/Albany Down/Boom Boom Club

Two seriously good bands in Billy Walton and Albany Down last Friday - real quality!
14 Jun 2014 6:38 Post #1514
Venue : Beaverwood

Hi Pete

Thanks again for another great Billy Walton Band gig on Thursday just gone.

The addition of the brass section really takes them to a new level imo...... good solid support from Albany Down as well.

And thanks again for keep on promoting these bands, without which many people would just not get to see talent at this level.... Keep real music live!
Steve Cheney
06 Jun 2014 13:58 Post #1511
Venue : The Move

HI Pete
Still can't get over how good The Move were last Friday. I have been looking on Youtube etc for any videos of the gig, I was close to the font and I think people were filming and I just wondered if you knew or could ask if anybody would be prepared to download the films.

Many thanks & kind regards
Steve Cheney (Psychedelic 60's poster and associated memorabilia specialist)
Hazel Stratton
28 May 2014 20:28 Post #1499
Venue : Bowie at the Boom Boom

Hi Pete – THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR BOWIE ON SUNDAY – ROY AND I HAVE A BRILLIANT TIME – It was fantastic and how nice to see Francis there too.
Bruce Ackroyd
25 May 2014 7:07 Post #1498
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

Brilliant performance from everyone on stage, & special mention for Alan Glen, John O'Leary & the Flamingo All Stars for being "house band" for the night. Fantastic job!
James Tweed
21 May 2014 20:02 Post #1497
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

Hi Pete,
Congratulations on such a stunning evening for Walter at Shepherd's Bush Empire. What a fantastic night that was. Well done!

All the best,

Johnny Warman
19 May 2014 17:38 Post #1496
Venue : Boom Boom Club May 16th

A huge thank you to Pete and Bruce for the amazing gig on Friday May 16th at the Boom Boom. The air conditioning was not quite ready but the crowd were and boy you sang in all the right places and the atmosphere was electric until the last roars died away. Marcus played his heart out and totally commanded his stage area and his sound and tone was out of this World especially on Purple Haze and we had so much fun. You guys responded so well to all the commands and the power of your voices knocked me back especially on Lola !!! The Funk and Glam moments showed the versatility of the band and we were all having such a great time. Toward the end somebody called out Boris !!! and I did not need any cues as Steve Tilling started to perform his Tour de
Force Boris the Spider but the lighting did not allow him to see the words clearly so I ripped them off the floor and held them so that he could finish his amazing show and we laughed at the end as it was all so spontaneous. Our keyboard genius Andy Neve showed just how great a player and vocalist he is and to reiterate Steve Tilling and Richard Willoughby kept the heartbeat of the band. There was definitely something very special about this performance and the very special crowd who made so much noise and sang so well in all the right places. Wont get fooled again brought the Show to its conclusion and it took me hours to come down. Thank you all so much to those that came and for supporting the Magic Bus Band and we are always looking for new travellers to hop on and enjoy the ride of your lives. Johnny x See you all at the next gig !!
Rob & Rowena House
17 May 2014 14:10 Post #1495
Venue : Magic Bus/Boom Boom Club

Magic Bus - What a show! Brilliant as usual. thanks for the table, much appreciated….Rowena. (and ROb!)
Jo & Keith
14 May 2014 17:38 Post #1494
Venue : King King - Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete.
We came to see KING KING for the first time at The Boom Boom Club,,thanks for the link that turned me onto them, great night,looking forward to their return visit. You're doing a great job thanks once again.
Gail Peak
14 May 2014 17:03 Post #1493
Venue : King King - Boom Boom Club

Thanks for a fantastic gig on Friday. We really enjoyed it. Devlinblue were an excellent support band and King King was just amazing. The lead singer obviously enjoyed every minute of it too (apart from the quality of the sound at the beginning).

We will be looking out for other gigs from both these bands. Thank you again for providing us with great live music.


Stephen Connell
13 May 2014 8:57 Post #1492
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

And what an evening it was.. a terrific way to spend a Sunday night.

Just wanted to add my comments to those of many others and that's a massive 'thanks' to you and all those who take part both on and off the stage.

I hadn't realised how many young, British blues guitarists Walter has influenced let alone mentored. Apart from showing my support for Walter I now have about half a dozen new names and CD's to go and check out.

Let's hope that Walter is successful in getting a liver transplant so that I can come back to The Boom Boom club and see him tear the place down once again

David Burchell
10 May 2014 11:24 Post #1491
Venue : King King - Boom Boom Club


Great great gig last night with King King, who were awesome and Devlinblue were indeed very good.


Jonathon Burns
07 May 2014 17:11 Post #1490
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

My wife and a couple of friends were at the Walter Trout gig on Sunday which was really outstanding. You deserve a huge amount of thanks for organising it and putting it on.
Paul Cox
07 May 2014 16:53 Post #1489
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

A fantastic night and an equally fantastic job for getting it all together on Sunday.

If the response on FB is anything to go by it was an event that will live long in the memory for so many reasons and your part in helping Walter Trout will not be forgotten by so many, a place at Saint Peters table is booked with a large cognac to smooth the journey!! LOL!!

Once again Pete, well done and thanks for allowing me my small part in a legendary night.

All the Best

Paul Cox
Kay Barber
07 May 2014 8:13 Post #1487
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

That was some concert on Sunday night. Thank you so much for doing such a great job of organising and compering!! wouldn't have missed it for the world.
07 May 2014 7:02 Post #1486
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

I had the pleasure of attending this concert; the international Blues-Rock community came together on Sunday to present a special benefit show in London for the blues-rock legend Walter Trout who is awaiting a liver transplant. There are numerous people to thank for the great evening including Pete Feenstra Don McKay Golly Gallagher Phil the Soundman Kirby Bryant and ALL the Musicians. My continued prayers for Walter Trout Marie Trout Jon Trout and the family.
Sari Toplek
06 May 2014 18:45 Post #1485
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

Hi Pete
An amazing evening... so much love going out to Walter, and I'm glad you got to see the ending. Jon Trout did so well.
Marie Trout
06 May 2014 18:43 Post #1484
Venue : Walter

Thank you so much Pete for putting on this special event. I have been following with Walter via Richard Boyles' Skype magic where I saw the Jon Trout song and the final jam.We look very much forward to seeing the recording of the whole show. what great talent! And an awesome audience.... Lots of love from the current Nebraska Trouts.....
Bob Bixby
06 May 2014 18:41 Post #1483
Venue : Walter Evening

Would just like to thank you Pete for putting on the fantastic benefit gig for Walter Trout at the O2 Shepherds Bush.
Was great to see some old friends performing and some amazing new talent in the form of Laurence Jones.
I've never seen Glynn Evans smile so much !.....I think he enjoyed playing too.
Karl Randall
06 May 2014 18:40 Post #1482
Venue : An Evening For WT

A great night had by all. Nice work Pete Feenstra Del Bromham Robbie Stewart-Mathews Peter Dyer Andy Law Cherry Lee Mewis Simon Rinaldo. Was a absolute pleasure being seen with you all. Hope we helped raise a few quid. Met some lovely people and all went jolly well. Thanks. X
Penny Lee
06 May 2014 18:33 Post #1481
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

Just got back to Oxford, tired but buzzing! THANK YOU SO MUCH Pete Feenstra for organising the Benefit for Walter and thanks to ALL the awesome musicians for taking part - a truly stunning night.
Nigel Foster
06 May 2014 18:31 Post #1480
Venue : Walter Trout Evening review

An Evening for Walter Trout – Shepherd’s Bush Empire

This very poignant, very special event I would like to Christen as ‘Live Aid for the Blues,’ that is no hyperbole, mere fact because tonight the legendary Shepherd’s Bush played host to a great many of the finest Blues artists in the world.

The reason for the gathering of this electrifying clan and equally fervent fans; a benefit gig for living Blues legend Walter Trout, currently gravely ill with Liver failure. I feel sure Walter will have heard and felt the love for him as the whole place was carried on a wave of homage and devotion to the Godfather of modern Blues.

Phrases like; ‘never to be repeated, a total one off, unique, unparalleled, memorable are thrown around with abandon but truly rarely apply but tonight, all of these phrases and adjectives apply in full. This was one completely and utterly memorable night and one that I will carry in my mind, memory, heart and soul for the rest of my life. There is not a musical movement that can deliver the quality, power, passion and emotion like the Blues Community and tonight it was out in force and created an unstoppable torrent of unforgettable music and moments.
Murry Cole
06 May 2014 18:27 Post #1479
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

Great evening last night Pete.

Sort of Crossroads comes to Shepherds Bush!!

When is the DVD coming out??

I'm first in the queue
Adam Weitzman
06 May 2014 18:25 Post #1478
Venue : Concert for Walter

Hi Pete,

Congratulations on a great success last night! It all came together extremely well and you can be very proud of what you achieved. It looked like you had a very good turn out as well.
All the best
Angela Evans
06 May 2014 18:24 Post #1477
Venue : Great show

a huge congratulations to you and everyone else involved in last night's benefit for Walter Trout. What a superb evening and what a treat it was!
Nigel Foster
06 May 2014 18:23 Post #1476
Venue : Superb show

you know my feelings on the work that you do but even by your own standards tAn Evening For Walter Trout was a coup de grace.
Mr Mackay and Mr Gallagher you also have my utmost respect. I shall be back at the Boom Boom on Friday where Pete Feenstra Keeps Real Music Live. Pete you are a legend in your own lifetime.
Paul Phelan
06 May 2014 18:20 Post #1475
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

hi pete thanks for arranging such a great gig for walter trout has to be the gig of the year 2014!
Ken Ansted
06 May 2014 18:19 Post #1474
Venue : An Evening For Walter Trout

What a great night at the Shepherds Bush Academy and a brilliant benefit gig for Walter Trout. Well done to everyone concerned on stage and off and a special thanks to Don McKay & Pete Feenstra.
Martin Gauci
26 Apr 2014 18:45 Post #1473
Venue : Boom boom club Sutton

Amazing gig last night from Springsteen: A tribute to the boss. Fantastic vocals and as close to the real thing you'll see. The crowd was brilliant and to produce a show like that with apparently just a weeks notice was unbelievable. I'll be spearing the word for next time! Well done guys!
Johnny Warman
27 Mar 2014 13:56 Post #1468
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Johnny Warman Marcus Flynn Steve Tilling Andy Neve and Richard Willoughby would like to thank Pete Feenstra, Bruce and all the people that came to The Boom Boom for our Magic Bus Total Who Show on March 14th as with your kind contributions we raised £255.12 for Johnny Warman's Chosen Charity in this years London Marathon that he is running for Children with Cancer. It was a fantastic night and we thank you so much and we are back at The Boom Boom on the 16th May with our amazing Sixties/Seventies Mods & Rockers Show. See you all then !!!
Sue Moo
23 Mar 2014 15:08 Post #1467
Venue : BBC

Gutted to have missed Babajack last night (I saw them at Broadstairs Blues Bash in Feb and they blew me away) but already had tickets for City Funk Orchestra in Cranleigh, Surrey, who were fabulous, so you should have a fantastic night with them on the 29th. Hope to make it to BBC soon.
Johnny Warman
16 Mar 2014 15:26 Post #1462
Venue : Boom Boom Club

A huge thank you to Pete Feenstra and all The Who fans that came to watch Johnny Warman's Magic Bus perform their Total Who Show on Friday night at The Best Music Venue in South London The Boom Boom Club !!! and the amazing crowd never let us down and the reaction was incredible. Boris the Spider was inspired and Steve Tilling showed a World Class Bass Player on the very Top of his game. The atmosphere at the Boom Boom is so captivating and we did not want to leave the Stage. Thank you all for your generosity regarding my Marathon Run and we raised a lot of money. Please put May 16th in your diary for the 50th Anniversary of The Mods & Rockers and this is the Show that we are performing in UK Theatres and when we performed it last year for our first ever gig at The Boom Boom we had a great crowd in and beautiful young ladies dancing on the Chairs and tables !!! Repeat Please !!!
Thank you all so much for a truly brilliant night Johnny x

14 Mar 2014 9:10 Post #1461
Venue : Beaverwood

Great show with Danny Bryant last night

What a player and set list

Many thanks
John Field
02 Mar 2014 15:42 Post #1455
Venue : Perfect Alibi

Hi Pete,

Just wanted to thank you for reserving an excellent location for us at the BBC last night. The band were on top form and it was a brilliant evening. Our guests left saying that they don't get out enough and that they wanted to return. I hope they do.
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