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Aiden Russell
15 Feb 2014 15:19 Post #1454
Venue : Regular Gas Band

pete what can I say an unbelievable gig.

Everybody was in awe of jackies presence, unbelievable.

Great show and it was nice of Jackie to talk about his connections to music, with Lonnie donnegan, paul brady, eric bell, rory Gallagher and phil lynott.

his band were nice from dundalk, I treated them to a drink.

again great evening and Jackie was very nice and friendly.

Phil Honley
22 Dec 2013 14:52 Post #1452
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Fantastic night at the Boom Boom last night.....City Funk Orchestra never let you there a better way to kick start Christmas....I don't think so. Enjoy your Christmas Pete and here's to another happy year at the Boom Boom Club
Malcolm Turness
20 Dec 2013 15:50 Post #1451
Venue : 4 Bills

Hi Pete

Great show last night. 4 Bills band played really well.


Johnny Warman
11 Dec 2013 23:44 Post #1450
Venue : Boom Boom Club

To all of the people who came to the first gigs of Johnny Warman's Magic Bus Gig at The Boom Boom and the first Johnny Warman's Total Who Gig at The Boom Boom I just wanted to thank you all for your support and tell you that Johnny Warman's 4Bill$ and a Ben will be tearing up the Boom Boom Club on the 19th December. This is the band that I started over 20 years ago with Rhino and Jeff Rich from Status Quo and If you have not seen or experienced The 4Bill$ and a Ben Soul Party Band? then we are playing the last gig of our year at The Boom Boom Club Gander Green Lane Sutton SM1 2EY on Thursday 19th December featuring George Michael's Saxophonist Andy Hamilton. If you love Stevie Wonder James Brown Otis Redding Jnr Walker Wilson Pickett Tina Turner Ray Charles Etta James KC and the Sunshine Band The Blues Brothers Sam and Dave Joe Tex then come along and dance and go crazy for 2 hours with the greatest 60's Soul Music and all the atmosphere of the best audience and Venue in South London. Its a party that your friends would thoroughly enjoy and talk about for ages. Hope to see your face in our In Crowd !!! Johnny Warman Its Soul Time !!! Now fill that dance floor and more girls dancing on Chairs again please!!!
Mandy Myhill
01 Dec 2013 10:33 Post #1449
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Skinny Molly & Dave Jackson Band

You weren't far wrong in calling Dave Jackson Band, "droner, or was it "stoner rock"? They were mesmerising, and Jan on the bass was simply amazing.
Hat off too, to Skinny Molly for the best in Southern Rock. What great night.
See you soon,
Phil Honley
01 Dec 2013 10:26 Post #1448
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Skinny Molly

Hi Pete,
Great gig Friday night....well done Pete once again. Hats off to the Dave Jackson Band also.....Reg put in a great shift on drums considering he was unwell!!
Stephen Nicholas
30 Nov 2013 12:46 Post #1447
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Skinny Molly

I was there tonight, and have seen Skinny Molly loads of times down there and have never heard any band play the bollocks out of Freebird as well as they did tonight. An awesome performance!!! SM rules!!! Next week.....ULI....
Nigel Poulter
30 Nov 2013 12:45 Post #1446
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Skinny Molly

A great night with Skinny Molly. There is something going on at the Boom Boom, some fantastic sets recently. Tonight was 'awesome', the band were on fire. Thanks Skinny Molly and Pete Feenstra. Blown away.
Nigel Foster
30 Nov 2013 12:43 Post #1445
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Skinny Molly

If you read my post from around this time last night. Here I am again and once again I have to say my vintage year of wonderful gigs just got better tonight. The venue, my favourite music venue, The Boom Boom Club, the band, the one, the only SKINNY MOLLY. Southern rock royalty came to south west London ripped the place apart and blew out of town again. I really do begin to run out of superlatives for the outstanding quality of the music I am privileged to get to see and at such close quarters. For over two hours Molly blistered through a set that drew from their brilliant albums together with of course a smattering of absolute Lynyrd Skynrd classics. The power and passion oozed from their every pore and sucked the crowd in to make it another unforgettable night. Huge heartfelt thanks two powerhouse guitarists Mike Estes and Jay Johnson and the thunderous rhythm section of, now hear this Pete Feenstra ... Kurt Pietro on drums and Luke Bradshaw on bass.
Two nights gigging in a row, there is so much adrenaline pumping through I think I get through to Sunday without sleep. Thank you Pete Feenstra, thank you Skinny Molly and loved it that cousin Michael D'Rozario was there to share it with me!
David Thorpe
30 Nov 2013 12:40 Post #1444
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Skinny Molly

Hi Pete
Bloody hell that band - Skinny Molly - know how to work an audience. £100 worth of entertainment for a £12 ticket. I love southern USA rock anyway but they exceeded my expectations. Straight ahead tight rock, no pretentious, great musicians enjoying themselves - I got the impression the audience quite liked them ;-)

Another great evening, Pete - thanks
Pete Skinner
30 Nov 2013 11:17 Post #1443
Venue : Boom Boom/SkinnyMolly

Hi Pete...what can I say? I've seen Skinny Molly about 30 times over the years but last night was the best I've ever seen them play! At the Beaverwood I thought they were a bit subdued and wondered if Mike was conserving his voice to get through to the end of the tour,but last night was a full on Banzai attack!! I noticed that the gig was videoed on good quality equipment last night...are there plans to release it on DVD? Anyway speak soon. Thanks and all best wishes.
Pete Skinner
Andrew Warshaw
20 Nov 2013 17:40 Post #1442
Venue : Buzz Club/Billy Walton

Hi Pete,

The Billy walton Band gig was quite the best gig I have EVER seen last week in Barnet.
Absolutely mind blowing
Its a scandal he’s not world famous...
Will go and see him again
John Anderson
14 Nov 2013 11:51 Post #1441
Venue : Buzz Club/Billy Walton

Pete - Billy Walton Brilliant as ever. Thanks for bringing his band to North London.
Bob Ritter
12 Nov 2013 13:11 Post #1440
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Ryan McGarvey

Hi Pete,

Thanks for getting Ryan and his band back at the Beaverwood last night. I saw him there back in May, on his first visit and thought he was sensational.
I bought his first CD just after it was first released, a few years ago, and had hoped he would come ‘across the pond’ someday so I could see him play live.
I didn’t think last night’s gig would be able to better his earlier one, but he proved me wrong. WOW! What a performance!!! What a night!!!!
If you get the chance to pass on my appreciation to him, please do so. And ask him…… no, tell him…. to come back to the UK soon.
And thank him for the ‘pick’ he gave me after the show, which is now on display, on my wall.
He is now my Number One ‘Must See’ guitarist……and I’ve seen plenty. And has ‘topped’ even the great Joe Bonamassa in my views.
Hope you can get him back at The Beaverwood next year too.
Many thanks,

Bob Ritter
Nigel Foster
12 Nov 2013 10:52 Post #1439
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Ryan McGarvey Band

Ryan, Logan and Justin. I have just arrived home from a truly memorable night at The Boom Boom Club. I am so high on adrenaline I may not sleep tonight!

My head is so full of superlatives to describe your show I just had to send you a message. Tonight was an absolute privilege to witness, a stunning set from a massively talented band totally in sync with each other.
I live and breathe music and tonight has just given me a massive oxygen boost. I thank you for a fantastic experience. Safe journey on your travels but please come back soon.

Best wishes Nigel
Brendan Talbot
11 Nov 2013 11:30 Post #1438
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Trout, Lister & McGarvey

What a week for live Blues music!!! I now live in the Chislehurst-Sidcup Delta. 3 gigs in 6 days at the wonderful Beaverwood Club courtesy of Pete Feenstra promotions.

Walter Trout on Tuesday, Aynsley Lister on Thursday and Ryan McGarvey last night. It doesnt get much better.

Three superb musicians in a small club setting. I have been going to live gigs for over 50 years and this week is right up there with the best. All you people out there put down your ipods and go out to some real live music.

11 Nov 2013 8:48 Post #1437
Venue : Beaverwood

What a week at the Baeverwood topped by Ryan McGarvery on Sunday .
He was even better than the last time

This guy is going to the top

If you get a chance to catch him on the way do so The best £10 you will ever spend
Johnny Warman
10 Nov 2013 0:41 Post #1436
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Just wanted to thank the amazing crowd who turned up last night to witness the Johnny Warman's Magic Bus Band Total Who Show. From the opening sequencer that introduces Baba O'Reily the very knowledgeable Who crowd lifted us up and up as the chemistry worked its wonders. The best audience and best venue in South London they have never let me down and this Total Who Show is the best Show we started in Rome for Harley Davidson and brought it home and boy did the crowd sing and roar us on. Boris the Spider and Amazing Journey will be added for our Beaverwood Gig in January so please do not miss this as the endorsement we received from Dave Wells is high praise indeed. We love playing this incredible music and we are passionate in our unique delivery too. All the travelling for rehearsals was worth every mile. Huge thanks to Pete Feenstra and Bruce for the Gig and I reiterate and say The Boom Boom Club is South Londons finest venue. Look forward to seeing all you Soul Party People at the 4Bill$ and a Ben Gig on 19th December at The Boom Boom Club. It will be the Best Christmas Party ever !!! Andy Hamilton on Sax !!! Finally thank you again to all the Who Fans who turned up and made it such a special night. Johnny x
David Wells
09 Nov 2013 15:56 Post #1435
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Total Who

Dear Pete
Didn't see you at the Boom Boom Club last night, and I must say you missed a blinder! As soon as Johnny kicked off with Baba O'reilly they absolutely ripped it up. With some excellent renditions of innumerable who songs, and then some...
Amazing versions of magic bus , love reign o'er me, pictures of lily, the seeker
And I speak from experience, as a veteran of two Charlton gigs, the Lyceum, and two Wembley arena gigs the who would not have wanted to follow these on stage.

If you can get johnny to write some original material as well,, it could reap rewards for these incredibly talented musicians.

Thanks a billion for a great night.
Chris From Kent
06 Nov 2013 10:36 Post #1434
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Walter trout & The Mentulls


You did it again - another superb performance by Walter Trout, weren't the Mentulls really good as well, superb value for £15. I had a bit of a chat to them after the show, nice guys and very talented.

But bloody hell, all our party that went to the show, were shocked by poor old Walters' gaunt and haggard appearance. I sure hope he gets back to full health real soon.

That's it then, keep up the good work.

Chris, Julie, Ken, Penny
Hayden Hart
02 Nov 2013 10:06 Post #1431
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Virgil & the Accelerators

Another triumph Pete! Thanks for arranging a great evening with Virgil and Mark Pontin.
Cant wait for WT on Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you there.

Johnny Warman
15 Oct 2013 10:05 Post #1430
Venue : Boom Boom Club 8th November 2013

I just wanted to give you a glimpse of what goes on pre Show date,
Well it was 2.30 am when I arrived home from rehearsals for our Total Who Show on November 8th at the Boom Boom Club. For me, a round trip of 190 miles, and I will do that 2 more times but it is worth every minute of it, to get it right for November 8th, and I am still buzzing from the intensity of the bands individual performances, as they are so gifted in their abilities and the vocals !!! There is a huge respect amongst the 5 of us, and I hope that you will come and experience an exceptional tribute to the music of The Who, We deliver it in our own special way and the most important part is the Music !! If like me you love The Who I urge you do not miss this Show, We will give you everything we have got on the night. This will be very special. Hope to see your face in our crowd !!! Arrow Cool
Brian Collins
14 Oct 2013 8:07 Post #1429

Hello, Pete,

Just a quick note to say we had a great night watching ELO Again on Friday.


James Bell
13 Oct 2013 14:06 Post #1428
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Colin Blunstone

Sorry I dint see you at the end - so didn't get to say goodbye but just to say how much I really enjoyed Colin B and his excellent band last night.
He sounded terrific and was as good as I've heard him in years. And it was a very different Boom Boom crowd, last nightas you pointed to yourself. Great show, great atmosphere.
Andy Kimber
13 Oct 2013 14:04 Post #1427
Venue : Boom Boom/Colin Blunstone

I feel like the biggest **** on the planet.
I've not seen Colin before because i didn't reckon he would appeal. I came tonight to do my mate a favour and what happens? I'm absolutely blown away! what a sensational performance.
Terry Ball
12 Oct 2013 8:47 Post #1426
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Focus

HI Pete
Another great performance last night from Focus and DJB. It was a shame that Thijs had that "embarrassing" problem with his organ. I got him to sign my old Introspection CD.

I also mentioned that he might want to replace his old Hammond with a new more reliable digital version. I don't think that suggestion went don't too well.
Mike Edwards
09 Oct 2013 8:13 Post #1425
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Just to let you know Focus were absolutely brilliant last night, its got to be in the all time top 10 gigs I've seen, so thanks for getting them
Pete Feenstra
08 Oct 2013 7:21 Post #1424
Venue : Flute of Shame

Thanks for your comments Christine re Flute of Shame, even if you didn't like the band.
Please find my response below. Hope it makes sense and explains what the show was all about.
It honestly went down a storm, but I guess a lot of the crowd were familiar with the band.
Sorry you didn't enjoy the Flute of Shame show Christine.
Far from being an unprofessional show the whole evening was based round a pro film shoot of the band’s single, as part of a moc documentary based round their song 'Pub Landlord' and all the stereotypes that go with it.
The reason for the early break was the rest of the film crew had arrived from a West End awards ceremony and had to set up additional gear.
I thought the band’s playing and pristine three part harmonies were excellent, as did the crowd who gave them a huge encore. They reprised the single at the end and hopefully that will be part of the DVD when it comes out.
Had you stayed I’m sure you would have enjoyed the band’s own material, let alone their take on ‘Hotel California’, ‘Brick In the Wall’ and ‘Whiskey in the Jar’.
The whole evening was like a Pogues gig - irreverent yes, lacking polish certainly, but musically it was never less than excellent.
I accept it might not be what you were expecting and I apologise for that, but everyone had a cracking night as evidenced by the positive comments on the way out and CD sales.

chris b
07 Oct 2013 15:55 Post #1423
Venue : boom boom

What was all this about?
1) No apparent set list
2) Asking the audience what to play
3)Songs including "White Van Man"
4)Lyrics including "I really f----d it up this time"
5) Request for a girl to "Get her t--s out" at the next gig
6)Broken guitar string after only a few numbers, no spare guitar, so whole band off stage while it was getting fixed.

We expected a professional band and a gig including their own material and great harmonies, this was miles away from that, DREADFUL! AND DEFINATELY NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL.
Russell Palumbo
04 Oct 2013 8:57 Post #1422
Venue : Beaverwood Club/ELO AGAIN

Hi Pete,
ELO AGAIN were fantastic - really good - and I don't comment often.
Well done
Nigel Foster
01 Oct 2013 13:37 Post #1421
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Hi Pete
Echo Mitch's word. Last night was truly memorable. One of the best gigs I have ever witnessed and like you, I have seen a great many over the years.
You are a miracle worker and I appreciate all that you do to bring us lucky people such wonderful acts. God Bless you!
Mitch Wild
01 Oct 2013 13:24 Post #1420
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Can't think of too many shows that were better than this Pete? It was an incredible night. Thank's Pete for all your efforts to get some of the best musicians in the world down to a little club like this. You deserve a medal.
Jill Hayling
30 Sep 2013 20:09 Post #1419
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Royal Southern Brotherhood, absolutely fab Pete, and well done again for getting such amazing acts.
So it looks like I'll be driving at 90mph up the A3 to come to see them all.
Cheers love ya x Jill
Adrian Gee
30 Sep 2013 19:01 Post #1418
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Royal Southern Brotherhood were really outstanding - just the sort of funk,rock & blues mix that hits the spot, fantastic!
David Minnette
30 Sep 2013 9:52 Post #1417
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Thanks for telling us about The Royal Southern Brotherhood.
Last night's show was truly fantastic. I have not seen a band that good in a long long time. Thanks for organising such a great show. I hope to see more shows at the Boom Boom club or the Beaverwood in the near future.
Dave Thoroghgood
30 Sep 2013 9:50 Post #1416
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Well done for Saturday Night Pete with RSB and Sam Fish @ The Boom Boom!
I don't know you do it but keep doing it!

Martin Evans
30 Sep 2013 9:10 Post #1415
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Hi Pete,

Absolutely, RSB were great at Under the Bridge and even better at Boom Boom – looking forward to coming back soon J
Lynden Bolton
30 Sep 2013 9:06 Post #1414
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Hi Pete,

Now I can say your venue IS perfect for the RSB. That was a great gig last night; a tremendous band with a pretty fine support too in Ms Fish. In an age of huge venues with ticket prices to match last night at the Boom Boom Club was a very clear reminder of what live music is all about. A hard working yet highly talented group of musicians close to an appreciative audience in a small place with real atmosphere and all for 15 quid.

Thanks and please bring them back. In the meantime I shall have to make a return visit to your fine venue.

All the best,

Paul Kirsten
30 Sep 2013 8:56 Post #1413
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Dear Pete,
I didn’t see you at the end of the Royal Southern Brotherhood gig on Saturday only I wanted to tell you how blown away I felt both during and at the end of the gig. This must have been one of the best nights EVER at the club.
Many attending would have known of the history of Cyril Neville and were no doubt intrigued by also having an Allman (cousin?) in the band but all the musicians were amazing.
Thank you so much for booking this wonderful set of musicians,WHAT A NIGHT! I was so exhilarated I didn’t go to bed until 3a.m.
I cannot see this band playing such a small club, certainly in London, when they next visit these shores at the Royal Albert Hall in a few weeks time. I can foresee them blowing the roof off!
Thanks once again,
Paul Kirsten.
Nigel Foster
30 Sep 2013 8:37 Post #1412
Venue : Boom Boom Club/RSB

Hi Pete

I am still flying on the adrenaline generated from that unforgettable show last night with Royal Southern Brotherhood.
I don't know how to begin to thank you other than writing what I hope is a particularly good review.
Lynn Hale
29 Sep 2013 14:06 Post #1411
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Aynsley Lister

Hi Pete

We were there on Friday. We have seen Aynsley so many times but I thought that the quality of his guitar playing on Friday was second to none and given that he was clearly feeling like s**t he really is up there with the best. Please pass this on to him if you see fit. In the meantime many thanks for continuing to provide sanity when all around is nonsense.

Cheers Lynn
Graham Vosper
29 Sep 2013 13:32 Post #1410
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Hi Pete,
Just wanted to say thanks for the recent gigs I’ve been to – Moreland & Arbuckle, Eric Steckel and last night’s Royal Southern Brotherhood, all absolutely terrific stuff! Many thanks for your efforts in getting them to the Beaverwood/Boom Boom.
Best wishes
Les Bishop
29 Sep 2013 13:23 Post #1409
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Hi Pete,
just got to say Royal Southern Brotherhood were rocking last night, it was really great show. Thanks alot for putting it on,
Nigel Poulter
29 Sep 2013 8:27 Post #1408
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

Great set last night by RSB and Samantha Fish. There's something special going on.
Thanks Pete.
Paul Clampin
29 Sep 2013 8:24 Post #1407
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Royal Southern Brotherhood

The boom boom club was hot and sweaty to the deep southern rock of the Royal Southern Brotherhood and Samantha Fish.
One of the best nights I've had for years. Two great sets from brilliant artistes.
VeePee Salmi
29 Sep 2013 8:22 Post #1406

Thanks for the RSB show Pete,
It was a great Saturday night @ the Boom Boom Club!
Johnny Warman
27 Sep 2013 16:55 Post #1405
Venue : The Beaverwood Club

A huge thanks to everyone that turned up at The Beaverwood Club last night and caught Johnny Warman's Magic Bus. What a night and so hot. I had to wring out my mohair suit. The Band were on fire and a huge thanks to Marcus Flynn Steve Tilling Andy Neve and Richard Willoughby for all their splendid efforts. Please catch Johnny Warman's Magic Bus at The Boom Boom Club on November 8th for our Total Who Show which is really awesome 2 hours of the music of The Who and such a great venue. It will be hot sweaty and very atmospheric so book earlt to avoid disappointment. Spread the word people about Johnny Warman's Magic Bus and many thanks to Pete Eric and especially Vince Cooper. Johnny x
Gary Beckett
25 Sep 2013 11:08 Post #1404
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Eric steckel

Hi Pete,
I just had to quickly put finger to keyboard and say what a bloody good gig that was last night at the Boom Boom... Even my Daughter 'who tagged along' enjoyed 'Dads Music', well most of it anyhow.. I hope you get Steckel back again someday...

All the best & looking forward to the 27th with Aynsley Lister

Andy Hagerty
23 Sep 2013 23:24 Post #1403
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Eric steckel

Hi Pete

Just come away from Eric Steckel. What can I say. Stunning. Thank you for putting him on. Well worth the effort.


Andy Hagerty
Zanda Bertwistle
14 Sep 2013 17:34 Post #1402
Venue : Moreland & Arbuckle

Thanks for bringing something fresh and new to the Beaverwood with Moreland and Arbuckle. It was a great night!
Dan Matthews
13 Sep 2013 17:22 Post #1401
Venue : Beaverwood

Thought last nights gigs was excellent...The Matt Bullard band were excellent, he's a great player, all about feel, he's playing real blues guitar, bought back of seeing Green and Clapton with Mayall all those years ago. He bends those strings like Freddie King!

Moreland and Arbuckle were a class act, hypnotic music, so tight and have a great take on the blues, would really love to see them back again.
Robert Frith
13 Sep 2013 15:44 Post #1400
Venue : Moreland & Arbuckle /Beaverwood Club

Really enjoyed MORELAND & ARBUCKLE last night at the Beaverwood.

Johnny Warman's Magic Bus
25 Aug 2013 22:10 Post #1399
Venue : Beaverwood Club

After our first sensational Theatre Gig with my new Band Johnny Warman's Magic Bus our next stop is at the Beaverwood Club on September 26th. A Musical Show that encompasses the true Spirit of the Sixties. The best musical years of our lives 1964 - 1970 where the World was changing and so were we.
Come and relive those times and lose yourself for 2 hours as we play the music of The Rolling Stones The Beatles The Small Faces The Kinks The Animals The Zombies Procul Harem Jimi Hendrix T Rex Otis Redding Eddie Floyd The Sweet and a few magic numbers so that we do not give it all away. We have so much fun and these songs are just the best with so much energy expended and as we love what we do so much we give you 500% and try to give you the best live Show that you have ever seen. All life is here and please let your mates know that the Best Sixties / Seventies Show on the Planet (TimeOut) is taking place on the 26th September so catch this Magic Bus if you can. MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT Cool
Denise Porter
27 Jul 2013 11:02 Post #1397
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Roadhouse & Steve Eggs

Great double helping of roots rock from Roadhouse and Steve Eggs Band at the Boom Boom.
Look forward to getting both albums, really great to hear such original material and top class musicianship.
Thanks again
Jacky Cross
27 Jul 2013 10:56 Post #1396
Venue : Boom Boom, Sutton

19 July - Eggs Band great - Roadhouse, naff. Plus pint of Bad beer, however 20 July City Funk fabulous and got a free half pint. Thanks.
Jonathon Burns
17 Jul 2013 15:10 Post #1393
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Bill Kirchen

Hi Pete

Bill Kirchen was absolutely brilliant last night at the Beaverwood Club.
What an amazing guitarist and band.

Best wishes Jonathan
Ron Jones
07 Jul 2013 18:40 Post #1392
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Andy Fraser

Hi Pete,

Just a Quick Hello and say Thanks for a Great Night on Saturday,

Andy and the Guys were Excellent, Venue was Excellent and the Beer was Fantastic.

It was are 1st Visit to the Boom Boom, and We look Forward to Many More....

All The Best,

Ron and Co...
06 Jul 2013 20:18 Post #1391
Venue : The alter eagles - boom boom

Great night was had by all, what a band! But why on earth was there seats on the dance floor??! Confused
Malcolm Hutton
05 Jul 2013 9:02 Post #1390
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Never The Bride

Hi Pete,
Never The Bride were superb and what a voice Nikki has.
The band were also great musicians. Really hope you can get them back in the near future.
Keith Allen
05 Jul 2013 8:28 Post #1389
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Never The Bride

Hi Pete,

I hear you've been hobnobbing with Roman tonight, seeing some fantastic band that I've never heard of and can't remember. Well for once I'm not jelous of your rather privaliged life style, as I've had a great night with Never The Bride. I've read good things about them from your Boom Boom crowd, so have been looking forward to the chance to see them. I was not disappointed. From the very first song, I knew they were a class act, and a litle different from the usual Beaverwood talent. The line up was a little different from their promo picture, but as the guitar and bass player were from Marcus Malone's band, I knew they would deliver.
All the best
Phil Honley
29 Jun 2013 12:51 Post #1388
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Ian Parker and his band were brilliant last night. He never disappoints and seemed to really be in his comfort zone. Look forward to seeing him back again soon.

Second time I've seen Planet Graffiti and very impressive.
Pete Skinner
29 Jun 2013 11:00 Post #1387
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Ian Parker

Great gig last night,Pete.
Thank you. Lovely to see Ian back again. And very impressed by David Jenkins' singing and playing too.....can we have a repeat soon!!! All the best. Pete Skinner
Michael Collins
29 Jun 2013 8:58 Post #1386
Venue : Boom Boom/Ian Parker & Planet Graffiti

Hi Pete

I just wanted to say I thought that Ian Parker was fantastic last night and I thought Planet Graffiti did a great job too. The whole gig was amazing thanks for getting Ian back and I hope that he will come back again soon.

Keith Dickinson
21 Jun 2013 10:59 Post #1385
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Ruthless Blues

Thanks Pete

for a great night last night with Ruthless always...and The Sharpees!
Jacky Cain
19 Jun 2013 17:37 Post #1384
Venue : boom Boom/SBJ

Hi Pete, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Swinging Blue Jeans on Saturday, what a brilliant show.

Best wishes

Jacky Wollaston
18 Jun 2013 7:49 Post #1383
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Swinging Blue Jeans

Hi Pete

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the gig on Saturday. I hope you book them again - if so, we'll be there!

Lovely venue with a really good atmosphere.


Trevor French
16 Jun 2013 22:34 Post #1382
Venue : BoomBoom Club

Fabulous show by the Swinging Blue Jeans and a great night. Can we have them again please Pete? Bet they do a fabulous Christmas special!
Nigel Foster
10 Jun 2013 8:35 Post #1381
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Virgil & The Accelerators 2

These guys can bring it down too as evidenced on the Blues hue Fell to the Floor and What Am I To Do. Real dexterity and understanding of the Blues from the guys. What a wonderful touch too to invite on stage young Aaron for a real Blues workout where Virgil let Aaron take the lead, before the two went toe to toe on some awesome runs up and down the fretboard.

The set came to a truly mesmeric climatic end with the simply stunning instrumental Silver Giver, where in Virgil's own words the band pay homage to their heroes. It is not as simple as that. This sonic opus needs to be heard and seen live to be fully appreciated. Virgil's guitar playing is unparallelled, he is a study in concentration and love for his craft as he literally wrings notes out of his guitar. Ten minutes of utter perfection.

These guys really are the real deal. Gabriel McMahon beats the life out of his kit one minute but then feathers snares and symbols with a dextrous touch the next. Jack Timms really is an unsung hero, laying down giant sized bass lines that provide the platform for Virgil's fireworks. And this young man, blindingly good. It is evident his influences stem from Hendrix and SRV but when I see him, of his modern contemporaries, I am reminded of the incendiary firebrand that is Philip Sayce.

A truly memorable night and I was privileged to meet the guys both before and after the show and thank them for their time. They prove that these days you can be ultra cool, ultra talented and still retain your humility.

Pete I don't know how you do it but thank the Lord you do!!

Regards as ever

Nigel Foster
10 Jun 2013 8:33 Post #1380
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Virgil & The Accelerators

Life as a member of the Boom Boom Music Club just gets better and better. Last night's magnificent show with the Aaron Keylock Band and young hotshots Virgil and the Accelerators was a case in point.

Any review would be unjust if it did not include mention of the hugely talented young Aaron Keylock. This teenager is steeped in the Blues and is maturing at an exceptional rate. His playing displays great dexterity, great rhythm and real raw emotion. He deserves a stellar career in the music business.

Virgil and the Accelerators on album mighty fine but live an altogether different prospect. They are simply stunning, a power trio in every sense of the word and last night they were on blistering form. It may have been hot outside but inside the atmosphere was so intense it was like a furnace fuelled by the band's vibrancy and high energy playing. For me they are now the torchbearers for the new generation of Blues Rock bands!

The set list drew on brilliant debut The Radium and it is clear many of those songs will remain live favourites for many years. Already the guys are savvy enough to build and pace a set like seasoned pros, moving from pulsating full on rock to raw heartfelt blues, genius!

The highlights, well just about every minute of the show it really was that good. Working Man a true southern rock opus infused with a groove that would do ZZ Top proud. Virgil's licks are searing here.

The mid set segue of 88, Bad Girl and Back Stabber, inspired and three songs that showcase the full range of VATA'stalents. 88 is a real heavy groove beefed up in the live format while the gelling together of Bad Girl and Backstabber is almost brutal in its execution. J Timms and Gabriel laying down a pulsating foundation and Virgil jumping all over it with jack hammer riffs and blistering solos.
Tracey Cox
09 Jun 2013 16:27 Post #1379
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Elvis & The CC Riders

really enjoyed last night with Ben Thompson as Elvis, it was a fab night.
Ken Smith
09 Jun 2013 16:26 Post #1378
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Elvis & The CC Riders


Yet another cracking night at the Boom Boom last night with Elvis and the CC Riders, that guy Ben thompson is really good
Haydn Hart
08 Jun 2013 8:49 Post #1377
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Danny Bryant

Hi Peter

Just wanted to say thanks for arranging such a great evening at the Beaverwood Club on Thursday. I will definitely be returning for future gigs and I can't believe you've stayed under my radar for the past forty years!!

Thanks again and keep up the great work in support of live music!


Gary Taylor
07 Jun 2013 23:40 Post #1376
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Virgil & The Accelerators

I am too young to have experienced Hendrix. in the past 2 years I have seen many bands and axe men the two that stand out for me are Virgil & accelerators tonight what a band and gentlemen's pistols two proper rock originals ( of course there are many blues greats that's a given)
Many thanks again for what you do for the live scene. I am so lucky too live so near to one of your venues my son had his eyes opened tonight and will be more educated to the fact that musicians' are artist's that paint on the canvas of silence Brilliant' innovative real and from the soul
Mark Kirsty Buckingham
02 Jun 2013 21:45 Post #1375
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton

my friend Nigel Foster !!
He took me to the Boom Boom last night.
What an awesome venue & amazing 3 band line up.
was completely blown away, and in particular , thought Billy walton were incredible!!!
Take care Kirsty x
Nigel Foster
02 Jun 2013 16:09 Post #1374
Venue : Sutton

Cool Thanks for a great gig at The Boom Boom last night. Three for the price of one.
When you see Stewart James you instantly what is in store; high energy, raw, edgy quality Blues Rock and last night did not disappoint.
And then Planet Graffitti, never seen them before but certainly want to catch them again. Brilliant set, just a little too short. What a power trio! Hard and tight rhythm section and in Brent Hutchinson the band have a major talent. His solos, especially on a nailed on Hendrix Voodoo Chile were mesmeric.
The Billy Walton Band, top quality band and the leader of the pack is terrific. Last night of the tour and clearly Billy was in party mode. Excellent engagement with the crowd and of course searingly good music. It is evident as soon as you see Billy he is of the highest pedigree. Equally there are terrific hometown New Jersey influences in his lyrics. Some of Billy's solos and chops have to be seen to be believed. Stand outs for me,a stretched and mesmeric Hot Blues from Crank It Up, brilliant and Cannonball. Topped off with a Hendrix SRV infused encore! Mention must also be made of stunning sax player Richie Taz, haunting and evocative to hear that instrument filling the hall.
The band really seemed to have a blast too!
Phil Honley
02 Jun 2013 14:53 Post #1373
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton

Fantastic gig last night....Stuart James Band get better and better every time we see them and can't wait for CD release!....Planet Graffiti then took to the stage and the quality was maintained throughout their set.....and then the great Billy Walton Band. Billy and crew play their hearts and souls out
Colin Castledine
02 Jun 2013 14:02 Post #1372
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton

Amazing night with BWB, Stu James and P. Graffiti, thanks Pete

it was probably the best I have seen Billy Walton play

Stuart James Band were very good as well .... maybe soon they will get their own night there!


Joy Russell
30 May 2013 16:56 Post #1371
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Just had to write and say how very much my friend and I enjoyed the Statin Quo band. Being massive Quo fans this was a real treat for us as they played over 20 excellent Quo numbers from the very early years right through to the current time. Well done to all the band members, it was a great night. Thank you to whoever booked them, hope that they will return soon.
Steve Dulieu
27 May 2013 17:42 Post #1370
Venue : Buzz Club/Billy Walton Band

Last night, at up at Barnet, that awfully nice Mr. Pete Feenstra laid on a little entertainment. It was without doubt one of the best tenners I've ever spent. Four bands spread over four hours, most excellent was the good rockin'.
John Anderson
27 May 2013 10:46 Post #1369
Venue : Barnet FC /Billy Walton Band

Hi Pete,

Billy Walton and all the bands were fantastic. That was a really good night Pete, thank you!

Johnny Warman's Magic Bus
25 May 2013 19:07 Post #1368
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Huge thank you to all that turned up to watch Johnny Warmans Magic Bus last night. The best audience in London and what fun we had !!! New songs and how you loved Blockbuster and that was fantastic. Great atmosphere and eveybody up for having the best night ever. What a band !!
Each member is truly World Class and their voices are out of this World. To think that this is only our second gig and the performances were truly stunning. Thank you Pete and Bruce for your total belief and we look forward to many more amazing nights at one of the Souths finest venues The Boom Boom Club. Thank you all again and special thanks to big Dave Thoroughgood !!! Johnny x
Pete Skinner
24 May 2013 15:46 Post #1367
Venue : Beaverwood/Ducks deluxe

Absolute corker of a gig last night,Pete! They've got a lot tighter and Brinsley is making a bigger contribution..just great! Thank you. Speak soon Pete Skinner
Johnny Warman's Magic Bus
21 May 2013 22:04 Post #1365
Venue : Boom Boom Club

When we played our first Show at the beginning of February I could not have imagined the attendance, the atmosphere and the reaction to this new line up of incredible musicians and the whole bunch of new songs. The audience as usual were magnificent and helped make a truly unforgettable night. Now having said that please get ready for this Friday's Magic Bus Show which will be our return gig with even more surprises and full on performance levels from the entire band. We are so looking forward to the gig on the start of this Bank Holiday weekend. So come along if you were there first time, and if you haven't seen us yet? you will be more than welcome especially if you love the greatest music of the Sixties and early Seventies. If you feel like dressing up? then do it, If you feel like dancing on the chairs? then do it. Lets just have the best party at the best venue in the South !!! I hope to see your face in our crowd. Maximum Entertainment 500% effort and the Weekend definitely starts here !!!!
5 4 3 2 1 Onward onward rode the Magic Bus !!! Johnny x We look forward to coming out and saying hello to you all at the end.
Kevin Parrott
20 May 2013 8:43 Post #1364
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Atlantic Soul Machine

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Atlantic Soul Machine.
Liked the way that they mixed up the types of song that they did - Stax, Tamla, ska and even current. And done with a bit of humour - and no little skill.

Lottie McManamman
20 May 2013 8:05 Post #1363
Venue : Boom Boom Club/ASM

Many thanks for being back old school soul to the Boom Boom.
The Atlantic Soul Machine, a great show, a great atmosphere and a great night out!
Maurice Hynd
20 May 2013 8:00 Post #1362
Venue : Boom Boom Club - Atlantic Soul Machine

Hi Pete

I just wanted to say what a fantastic evening Saturday was. The sound was perfect and the energy and talent on display was superb.

I really think they could get a Friday night at the Boom Boom rocking!

Steve Borkowski
17 May 2013 13:16 Post #1361
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Billy Walton band

A great night last night Pete. Though I know Billy was disappointed not to have Taz with them after he missed the plane it meant that he really had to up his game and this meant more guitar, more tricks and more entertainment.
I love what the band do with the sax but last night was a fond reminder of what drew me to the band in the first place - the amazing skill of its band leader.
Thanks for putting on another great gig.
Trevor Watson
15 May 2013 14:23 Post #1360
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Ryan McGarvy

Hi Pete,

What an awesome night last night from Ryan and band - one of the best this year so far, breath taking

Darren Weale
15 May 2013 13:23 Post #1359
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Ryan McGarvy

Ryan McGarvey was beyond awesome last night at the Beaverwood Club. So far beyond it was a wonder he wasn't playing on Pluto.

Thank you Mr Pete Feenstra for bringing him to my locality.
Mark Hughes
15 May 2013 13:22 Post #1358
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Ryan McGarvy

Hi Pete,

Excellent gig last night with Ryan McGarvey and Planet Grafitti,
Please get them both back
15 May 2013 12:43 Post #1357
Venue : Beaverwood

What a night with Ryan McGarvey

Thanks for promoting this
James Tombazis
14 May 2013 15:05 Post #1356
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Walter Trout


Thanks a lot for organising a brilliant show with walter Trout! It was out first visit to the Boom Boom Club and we absolutely loved it!
11 Apr 2013 5:45 Post #1355
Venue : Barnet FC

Great to have you back in Norf Lunnon Pete with the magnificent Billy Walton Band.
Lets hope you get the good turnout this top outfit deserve.
Dave Peacre
03 Apr 2013 15:25 Post #1354
Venue : Muffin men/Beaverwood Club

Hi Pete,

A really great gig last night with the Muffin men playing Zappa. There were no weak links in this act. Please book them again.

Best regards

Johnny Warman
02 Apr 2013 18:28 Post #1352
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Dear All Right Now Fans,
thank you all for coming to see the band on Saturday night and once again you did not let us down, as it was such a great atmosphere !! We had some Russian fans in and they were very gracious in their praise of the band too and I look forward to meeting them again.Highway to Hell was amazing and thanks to Bruce for allowing us to
finish slightly overtime. New material at the next gig Politician, Highway 51 revisited a la Johnny Winter, Fire by Jimi Hendrix and different Free songs as well Cool I am really looking forward to seeing you all again in May for our second Johnny Warmans Magic Bus Gig at the Boom Boom on May 24th 2013 so please put it in your diary. Johnny Warman x
Johnny Warman
25 Mar 2013 23:04 Post #1351
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Dear All,
I sincerely hope that All Right Now wont fall victims again to the weather this coming Saturday March 30th as you all know what happened the last gig !!! Over 200 plus booked and then down came the snow and 60 plus brave souls came to turn it into such a brilliant gig. We are raring to go with extra new songs and a real desire to be the very best we can for you. Johnny Marter on drums, Roy Smith lead guitar Ant Wellman on bass and your truly Johnny Warman waiting to play the best Rock Gig in the South of London !!!
Hope to see your faces in our Crowd. Johnny x
Basil Brewer
13 Mar 2013 23:37 Post #1350
Venue : Beaverwood club/Any Colour You Like- Flyd

Hi Pete,
I thought Any Colour You Like playing Pink Floyd were brilliant at the Beaverwood Club.
Keep up the good work.

Mick Shipp
11 Mar 2013 21:26 Post #1349
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Any Colour You Like

Hi Pete,
I would just like to say what a great band Any Colour You Like (Floyd show) was on Sunday and I think most of the audience felt the same any chance we might see them again ?
I have to say they were one of the best keep up the good work.
Mick Shipp
Steve Holloway
11 Mar 2013 11:40 Post #1348
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Mainly Madness

Hi Pete
What a top night Saturday with the ska show/ Mainly Madness.
I\'m sure you got the same comments from people coming up to you as I did, saying it was one of the best nights they\'[ve had down there. I\'m still buzzing from it myself.
See you soon
Matt Humphreys
11 Mar 2013 9:24 Post #1347
Venue : Boom Boom Club - Mainly Madness

Mainly Madness was a great gig, you need to get them back soon
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